Charging Stand for Apple Watch Review:

An elegant option for keeping your Apple Watch charged.

Charging Stand for Apple Watch Review 3My favorite new device is my Apple Watch. It’s increased my productivity and helped me not to miss any notifications. That is exceptionally important to me because I receive hundreds of emails a day and have to organize and answer them all. With all of the use I have out of my Apple Watch on a daily basis, charging it becomes more than a once a day occurrence for me. At night, I definitely put my watch on its charging stand at night. Sitting prominently on my night stand is my brand new Charging Stand for Apple Watch from DODOcase.

Charging Stand for Apple Watch Review 4This charging stand has a very similar shape and design as some other charging stands I’ve seen. But, this stand is made from some very high quality products. For starters, the main part of the stand is made from 100% American Walnut from California. Because its made from wood, the routing for the charging cable is actually carved out. The housing for the magnetic inductive charging end of the cable is cut perfectly to allow for the cable to be moved in and out if needed, but it provides for an easy lift-off of the watch when its done charging.

Charging Stand for Apple Watch Review 5Aside from the walnut, the stand has a solid steel base that is weighted so that your Apple Watch maintains its balance and has a sturdy placement while charging. The stand fits all watch styles and bands and is hand-crafted in San Francisco. One of the nice features of this stand is that its designed to allow for a ‘travel mode’. Basically, its open design means you can wrap the excess cable around the trunk of the stand without having to remove the cable.

Charging Stand for Apple Watch Review 7When I first heard about this stand, I was enamored with it. It’s got a very elegant style to it and I was intrigued about it being made primarily out of wood. When I arrived, I continued to be impressed with its design beauty and sophistication of function. Based off of the form and function not being entirely different from other stands in the market, I wondered what drove the price of this particular stand ($99.95). It comes down to the quality of the elements used to make the stand itself. They are premium items handled with superior craftsmanship. And, when you have spent a premium for the Apple Watch, you want a premium stand to hold it up.

My experience with the DODOcase Charging Stand for Apple Watch has been a wonderful time. In my opinion, this stand is worth every penny.

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