With the Travel Case and International Travel Kit, the ChargeHub X7 is transformed into the perfect TravelHub.

I have been a nomad for most of my adult life.  I graduated from High School in 1999 and the very next day left for college, nearly halfway across the USA.  I have lived in five cities, three time zones, have packed and unpacked and traveled via airplane countless times.  With my parents living in North Carolina and my wife/children and I enjoying camping trips in our RV, we still rely on packed bags and portable travel.  I have recently returned from CES 2017, in Las Vegas Nevada, and dealt with the need for constant portable power.  While in the hotel room, my father and I utilized my ChargeHub X7 Super Value Pack to keep our gear charged.  I have utilized the hub for the past few months and it is now my go-to charging hub.  I absolutely loved the Super Value Pack, with the included wall charger, car charger and included charging cables (2 micro-USB to USB-A, 2 lightning to USB-A, 2 30 pin to USB-A and 1 mini-USB to USB-A).  I did not like that there was no case for the device and accessories.  Placing all the contents into a gallon sized ziplock style bag just seemed anti-techie.

While at CES 2017, touring the North Hall of the LVCC, I was excited to see the team from ChargeHub.  I talked with them, told them how much I loved their kit and wished that it had a travel case.  To my surprise, they had one.  The case is a universal travel case, with a clamshell appearance.  Folding open completely, the case will accommodate the ChargeHub, power supply, car adapter and your cables.  This is exactly what the Super Value Pack was missing, the case to hold the entire ChargeHub kit.

ChargeHub Universal Travel Case and International Travel Kit REVIEW
The cover of the case has a hand stitched rubberized patch, with the logo of the ChargeHub.  The Blue and white logo provide a stark contrast to the black case.  As an aside, I was a little disappointed that the logo was not centered.  This is a personal pet peeve of mine and faces my mild OCD tendencies into overdrive. Once you have seen it, you cannot unsee it.  The case measures roughly 6 3/4″ long by 5″ wide by 3 3/8″ tall and weighs 1 lb 5.8 ounces with the kit.  There is roughly 19″ of a zipper along the outside of the case, with dual zipper closure.

Opening up the case, you will notice 2 compartments for your gear.  Each compartment has an elastic mesh cover that covers just over 1/2 of the cavity.  I was able to easily place all of my cables, the wall charger, the car charger and the Charging Hub into the case, with room to spare.  If you are not careful, you will miss that they included #2 velcro retaining straps as well.  As stated above, the entire travel case, plus the above contents (minus the #2 USB A to 30 pin cables) weighed 1 lb 5.8 ounces.

ChargeHub Universal Travel Case and International Travel Kit REVIEW

If this kit seems overwhelming, there are smaller options; This year at CES 2017 the team debuted the smaller siblings of the X7.  The X3 and the X5 (coming soon) have the same power capabilities of the X7 but have 3 and 5 ports respectively.  You can expect 2.4 amps per port for each of the devices with the X3 providing 25Watts and the X5 providing 40Watts.  All three of the models have been UL/cUL listed, FCC certified, RoHS compliant and come with a 1-year warranty.  Additionally, this year they are adding additional color schemes for a total of 8-9 options: red, white, blue, green, orange, black, pink, blue.  The small, medium and large ChargeHubs will meet any charging obstacles that you may face.  Later this year, they will also have devices with USB Type-C and QC 3.0 charging.  If you need more of a certain power cable, you can utilize your own USB cable or you can purchase more from the company.  I am incredibly happy with my x7 and would love an x5 for my wife when she travels back to Uganda, Africa.

If you live in the USA only, you will need the ChargeHub and the travel case and perhaps a few extra cables.  If you are traveling abroad, you will need the ChargeHub Travel Kit for the X7.  This kit includes four interchangeable tips “blades.”  By using the correct tip, your ChargeHub can now accommodate 100-240V, 50-60Hz 1.5A max input and can output 24.0V with 2000mA.  The four adaptors include a 3-prong blade (Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia) round pins (Europe, South America and much of Asia), flat angled blades (Australia, China, Argentina, New Zealand, Argentina, Fiji) and the flat Parallel blades (A type like we are used to in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America, Japan and the Caribbean). If you are traveling out of the USA, you simply need to place this device into the travel case, in exchange for the original wall AC adaptor.  The tips are quickly interchangeable and will work perfectly for the businessman who travels abroad or the summer backpacker.  Simply align the tip and slide it on the wall adaptor.  If desiring to change, press the release button and push upwards.  Change to a new tip and repeat.

ChargeHub Universal Travel Case and International Travel Kit REVIEW

ChargeHub really offers amazing options for charging your devices.  Whether you are tired of clutter at home and want a single device to charge all of your electronics or you are on the go and need a car based option or a travel option, ChargeHub has you covered.  Personally, the travel case is a much-needed accessory and likely should come with a Mega Pack or Value pack of some kind.  I was very pleased to be able to ditch the zip lock baggies,  used to get to Las Vegas for an actual travel case.  I rate the travel kit at 5/5.

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