Bluetooth Earphones Offer Premium Audio with a Multipurpose Cable for Data Transfer, Charging and Battering Sharing Capabilities Between Devices

Today, 49101, one of Asia’s most innovative headphone brands known for elegant and affordable audio products, announced Changer, amazing Bluetooth headphones that go way beyond just offering great high definition sound! Available for preorder on Indiegogo starting at the early bird price of $88, Changer also acts as a mobile USB, a charging cord for the headphones and other devices and has the magical capability to share (or when they are not looking steal) battery power from a friend’s smartphone.

Featuring award-winning sound, Changer is a game changer solving a universal problem, the dreaded “low on battery” alert. The stylish and comfortable neckband of the headphones is sophisticatedly engineered to perform numerous tasks, acting as a data transfer cable and multi-purpose charger. With Changer users can cut the cords while listening to chords as the headphones can be used to charge smartphones without the need to carry around additional charging cables.

Changer supports thousands of devices and is compatible with any Micro USB, Lightning and Type C connections. It also has another unique trick up its sleeve, the ability to share battery between smartphones!

Caring is Sharing – Beg, Borrow or Steal A Charge!

With Changer you can really find out who your friends are! With its patented electrical management technology, it has the magical ability to steal or borrow battery power from another Android smartphone, allowing one device to act as a mobile power bank for another. Now when you are out for the night, your friends can be a lifesaver to keep you connected, order that Uber home or keep the selfies snapping.

The headphones can be recharged by unplugging one side of the neckband to expose the USB connection that can be plugged into any wall adapter or mobile power bank. To charge other devices, the other side of the neckband can be opened to access a multi-functional connector that can power devices with a Micro USB, Lightning or Type C power connection.

No wall socket, no power bank, no problem! Changer can also be connected to another smartphone where it can reverse the power supply to allow people to share and donate battery.

Record of Innovation

Changer becomes the fifth product in the 49101 portfolio of affordable audio products that combine style with excellent sound quality. It has already secured more than half a million dollars’ worth of preorders in Asia ahead of its North American offering and will ship in the United States in January 2019.

“With Changer, we are not only providing a premium audio experience but also solving people’s battery charging problems,” said Helena Wei, Marketing Director of 49101. “In one affordable package, you get an amazing pair of Bluetooth headphones that’s easy to charge and can even charge all your other devices, cutting the need to carry around a bunch of cables. Changer’s magical ability to share power even lets you steal a friend’s charge if you need!”

Availability & Technical Specifications

Changer technical specifications include:

  • Excellent Sound – Changer features 13mm drivers with a 20HZ-40KHz frequency response for a premium, full listening experience.
  • Premium Construction – Changer features a neck-mounted design with aluminum and silicone construction. It is 35 cm in length with an integrated volume control for easy control for music listening or calls and comes with one set of memory foam ear tips and two sets of silicon ear tips.
  • Hours of Playback – Changer offers 12 hours of playback and 500 hours of standby time on a single charge. Recharging takes just over one hour to reach full battery again, and Changer’s battery is even replaceable (additional batteries sold separately) with each offering an additional 12 hours of listening.
  • Easy, Fast Charging – There’s no need for extra cables, dongles or adapters. Remove one earbud to plug in Changer for charging. Changer’s cord supports 2A fast charging, allowing for twice the charging speed of a standard cable.
  • Multi-connections – Changer contains USB-C, micro USB and Lightning connectors.
  • Data Transfer – Changer acts as data transfer cable allowing people to move images, movies and files between devices.
  • Battery Sharing – Simply remove the integrated cable from Changer to use it to charge other electronic devices. Users can even connect two phones together to share battery between them regardless of the make or model.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – Changer uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Water Splash Proof – Changer is IPX5 water resistant.

Changer is available for pre-order today on and shipping will begin in Q1 2019. Early bird pricing starts at $88.

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