Worthwhile app for alternative streaming music player.

Cesium iOS App Review 2I use music streaming applications like Pandora or Spotify for my melodic fixes, so it’s worth mentioning that my test of Cesium was carried out with a rather limited music library.

One of the reasons I use streaming apps is because I had a weird experience with iTunes forever ago, and I never bothered to explore the seemingly endless other music player options, but I was pleased with Cesium’s straightforward simplicity. It takes your music library from wherever you hide it (it’s compatible with iTunes Match and Apple Music as well) and makes it easy to enjoy. It took a second to figure out the controls and to set things up the way I wanted them to be, but after that, things worked pretty seamlessly.

Cesium iOS App Review 3It’s the details that made Cesium enjoyable to use. Though minimalist, the application manages to be pretty customizable to fit different needs. Enabling gesture controls allows you to easily swipe through your queue and toggle playback. If you’re paying a little more attention, you can swipe right or left on an artist, album, or playlist to access quick commands like play, shuffle, or add to queue. You can also swipe left on songs to add it to the top or bottom of your queue. There are low contrast and night mode settings (I kept the player in night mode and fiddled around with the theme color to make it pink). You can switch out the icons on the base toolbar if, for example, you listen to a lot of orchestral music and would rather be able to easily access music grouped by composer instead of album or artist.

Overall, Cesium is definitely a worthwhile application to check out if you’re looking for an alternative to your iPhone’s native music player.

For more information, visit cesium-app.com.
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