In addition to thousands of exhibitors showcasing new products, CES has three very special press events – Unveiled, Pepcom: Digital Experience, and  Showstoppers.

CES Unveiled allows producers to invest in their success.
Every year hundreds of media providers from around the world flock to CES to learn about new technology innovations across the industry. The event actually takes place before the main show of CES so that the press can get a sneak peak at what’s new and upcoming. It’s a chance for media and tech companies to get ahead of the game and stand out from the sea of thousands of booths on the main show floor. UCES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Honorees and tabletop displays from more than 100 local and global tech companies. Unveiled features the CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Honorees and tabletop displays from more than 100 local and global tech companies. Here is a summary of a few of the companies we visited and their new, innovative products.

The one disappointing experience with CES Unveiled was running into companies who has yet to bring their product to market. That itself is not a big deal but when they are backed by a Kickstarter I find it to be a bit of a slap in the face to the backers that the company is spending the kind of money required to attend CES Unveiled rather than making sure the product they so many publicly backed.

Pepcom’s Digital Experience brings together media and exhibitors before the official start of CES.
Pepcom is another stellar media event. This one is held the night before the official start of CES. It’s a great time for journalists to get one on one time with the exhibitors. Pepcom is a favorite for media to attend and our team was there for CES 2017. Here is a recap of the companies we talked to.

Showstoppers at CES is not just another press conference.
One of the biggest events at CES each year is the annual Showstoppers event. Showstoppers brings together more than 1,500 journalists to discover the latest and greatest with consumer electronics, IoT, and technology industries. It’s where industry leaders, innovators, award winners, visionaries and startups – shake hands with journalists, generate coverage, make new connections, promote the brand, take leadership and open new markets. During the event this year, we visited with several companies and checked out a lot of up and coming products. Here is a run down of what we discovered and who we talked to.

  • Omnicharge featured their power bank, which is the world’s smallest power bank with (1) AC/DC Power Outlet and (2) USB Fast-Charging ports for charging or powering nearly any device. Click here to view our interview with them.
  • Ring showed off the new Floodlight Cam, the most powerful security camera available. It is easily installed in critical safety areas around the home. Check out our interview with Ring here.
  • Jabra was showcasing its INTELLIGENT HEADSET. It’s the world’s first headset with 3D audio and exciting new mobile apps.