Sleep Number Introduces the Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed at CES 2017

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Sleep Number introduced the Sleep Number 360™ smart bed, one of the most significant innovations in the company’s 30-year history. I was able to talk with Gordon during CES Unveiled about their newest product addition. Be sure to check out the interview in the video above.

Powered by SleepIQ® technology – the latest in biometric sleep tracking – the Sleep Number 360 smart bed intuitively senses and automatically adjusts comfort to keep both partners sleeping soundly all night. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed will forever transform the way people sleep and improve wellbeing through better quality sleep.

The Sleep Number 360 smart mattresses and adjustable bases offer a smarter way to sleep by delivering an optimized sleep experience with exceptional comfort. New features include:

  • Self-adjusting comfort throughout the night.
  • Automatic snore detection and adjustment.
  • Foot-warming to fall asleep faster.
  • Smart alarm feature awakens at the optimal moment.

Sleep Number will phase in the new beds and bases in all Sleep Number® stores and online, beginning in the first half of 2017. The Sleep Number 360 smart beds and bases will be priced similarly to Sleep Number’s current mattresses and adjustable bases.

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