Kuna introduces Toucan at CES 2016.

CES is upon us and we are learning just how crazy the show room floor can be. One of the great products we had the opportunity to learn about today was Kuna, the smart home security system that’s built into an outdoor lighting fixture. It makes for keeping your home secure and lighted from anywhere.

We were able to meet with and interview Haomiao Huang co-founder and CTO of Kuna, along with Amauri Campos, VP of Marketing. We would like to extend a very big apology to them for being late to their booth, but some say better late than never. I can agree with that statement because Kuna is a device I have been interested in for my smart home for quite some time.

As explained by Huang, burglars will now come to your door and knock to check if you’re home before doing a smash and grab from the back of your home. So, what is a good way to deter them from doing so? How about Kuna, the smart security light that allows you to see and talk to whoever is at your door. Kuna will send you a notification to your smart phone when someone is in range of its motion sensor. The sensor will detect movement about 10 feet from the camera and is built to withstand temperatures from -40 to 130 degrees.

Some of Kuna’s additional features include:

  • Smart motion detection with increased accuracy to detect people at your door
  • Free live video feed to see the visitor directly on your smartphone anytime, anywhere, including the ability to save recordings for up to 30 days
  • Built-in microphone that enables you to speak to the person at the door or play pre-recorded messages
  • Built-in alarm that can be used to scare off potential intruders before they can do you harm
  • Smart light features that can be set to a certain schedule or controlled via your smartphone
  • No need to arm or disarm as the system is always engaged as long as the light switch is turned on
  • Weather proof design to withstand outdoor temperatures and conditions
  • Total home entrance protection for front doors, back doors, side doors and garage doors

Kuna has three different light fixture models available – the Kuna Craftsman, Kuna Traditional and Kuna Contemporary, which all retail for $199. Additionally, consumers can purchase a companion light, which is meant to be paired with the $199 smart light fixture, but does not include the camera or microphone, for $129. Kuna can be purchased at getkuna.com, at Home Depot under the Maximus brand name or on Amazon.com.

CES 2016 Meeting with Kuna

Kuna is a remarkable device and now has a companion product, too. The Toucan was developed as an add-on for people who would like Kuna-grade security, but already have a porch light installed. Toucan is powered by Kuna and designed in virtually the same way as the Kuna Security Light. It detects motion from approaching visitors and then sends an alert to your phone (Android or iOS). You have the option to talk with them or send an alarm that is an 100 decibel siren. The video feed of the Toucan is 720P HD video resolution and it’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

CES 2016 Meeting with Kuna

Installation of Toucan is very simple. You simply change two wires and two screws. Within 15 minutes, you are done with installation. During the interview, we were told that if you can change a lightbulb, you can install Toucan.

CES 2016 Meeting with KunaAdditional details about Toucan’s features include:

  • 720p HD camera with 116-degree diagonal field of view
  • High-fidelity speaker for clear audio and 100 dB siren
  • Passive infrared sensor to detect change in motion
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for easy setup with iOS or Android devices
  • Dusk-to-dawn light control and timer light mode
  • 3-color status LED with selectable display/hide modes
  • Microphone for high-quality audio capture
  • Set to motion-activated light mode or remote light control
  • Full-color HD video for accurate recordings and playback, even at night
  • Always on and armed

Toucan is slated to hit the market in mid-2016 and have a $199 price tag. Will be sold on Amazon and elsewhere.

For more information, visit getkuna.com.
Find Kuna on Facebook and Twitter.