Tile Launches Second-Generation Hardware, Easiest Way to Find Your Phone, and Nationwide T-Mobile Retail Store Rollout

Tile, makers of a tiny Bluetooth tracker and accompanying app, announced new hardware at CES and an app update that includes the easiest Find Your Phone solution on the market. Customers can now find their misplaced smartphone or device from their physical Tile, any smart device (Android or iOS), or a web app. Tile has shipped more than two million of its Bluetooth trackers to help its global community stay connected to the things that matter most to them.

“We aim to help our global community of customers never lose anything ever again. Knowing that a cell phone is misplaced every 3.5 seconds, we created Find Your Phone, a solution that lives up to the experience our community members already know and love – it’s simple, intuitive, and most importantly, effective,” says Mike Farley, CEO and co-founder of Tile. “This news is particularly timely as we are thrilled to expand the Tile community to include T-Mobile.  As a disruptor in the mobility space, T-Mobile has attracted a customer base of loyal, tech-savvy people that we are now happy to keep connected to their phones and other things they need to keep their daily life running smoothly.”

Tile is being sold in all 3,000+ T-Mobile locations in the US. This is particularly timely since its second-generation hardware allows you to find your phone via your Tile, a web app, or the cross-platform app on various devices.

“We start with revolutionary Un-carrier benefits and plans, and add the hottest devices and accessories to deliver what customers want in wireless,” said Andrew Sherrard, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile. “So it makes sense for T-Mobile to be the first to offer Tile in retail stores and give customers a totally new and incredibly cool way to keep track of their mobile lives.”

The new Gen 2 hardware and app update that Tile is announcing today for its global community include:

  • 3X louder tone (90 decibels) compared to first-generation Tiles for quick and easy locating.
  • Find Your Phone, the easiest solution on the market. With phones becoming such an essential tool for so many people, Tile’s new functionality works in three ways so Tilers can find their phones quickly and easily:
    • Ring a phonewithin the 100-foot Bluetooth range by simply double-pressing the “e” button on the Tile. The phone will ring even if it’s on silent or vibrate.
  • Turn Android and iOS devices into virtual Tiles with no hardware needed. Simply download the app on multiple devices and then ring any compatible devices or see them on a map.
  • web app that allows customers to find their phone or tablet from any web browser. Simply login to the website to ring a lost phone, to see its last known location on a map, or to send message to the lock-screen.

Customers can purchase second-generation Tiles at any T-Mobile store, T-Mobile.com, Amazon.com, and at thetileapp.com. The new app is available for free download at DownloadTile.com or in the App Store or Google Play.

Learn more by visiting thetileapp.com.
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