Award-Winning Keyboard Manufacturer Makes BrydgePro and BrydgeMini Officially Available for Pre-Order

Brydge, the company that has set a new benchmark for iPad keyboards, officially launched its keyboard lineup for the Apple iPad™ Pro and Apple iPad mini 4 while at CES. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with the co-founders of Brydge to learn all about the products. See the intervew below.

Providing the perfect complement to the iPad, Brydge has engineered its keyboards to maximize the functionality of the iPad while providing the productivity of a MacBook. Following the same award-winning design as previous Brydge models, the BrydgePro and BrydgeMini are equipped with Brydge’s patented 180-degree hinge system, high-grade 100 percent aluminum build, backlit keys, and superb haptic key feel. The new product introduction comes on the heels of Brydge’s recent CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree win for the BrydgeMini for iPad mini 1, 2 & 3.

“The iPad Pro is a game-changing device, and as with previous iPad models, is further revolutionizing the way we work, learn and play. The BrydgePro aims to unlock the full potential of the iPad Pro and deliver the perfect blend between iPad and MacBook.” said Nicholas Smith, CEO of Brydge. “The combination of the larger format iPad and BrydgePro has numerous applications, whether it is in the smallest classroom or the largest enterprise. Brydge is dedicated to being the market leader in innovative devices that deliver the ultimate experience in mobility and productivity when working with the iPad.”

CES 2016 Interview with BrydgeBrydgePro
Designed to deliver even greater versatility to the iPad Pro, the BrydgePro gives users the ideal balance between mobility and productivity. Currently the only 100 percent aluminum keyboard for the iPad Pro, the BrydgePro is an incredibly durable device—yet its combined thickness with the iPad Pro is less than a MacBook Air and up to 0.55 lbs lighter than some competing keyboards.

Technical Specifications:

  • Thickness: 0.27-inches thick (same as the iPad Pro)
  • Weight: 1.60 lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • Colorways: Available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray
  • 180-degree viewing angles
  • Backlit, tactile keys with varying brightness levels
  • Rechargeable three month battery

CES 2016 Interview with BrydgeBrydgeMini
The BrydgeMini is designed to work with the iPad mini 4 and is precision-engineered to perfectly integrate with those who are looking for the ultimate portable solution. In all, the BrydgeMini offers an unrivaled experience that combines the convenience and functionality of the iPad mini with the productivity of a laptop.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sizing Dimensions: 0.29-inches thick
  • Weight: 0.66lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity
  • Colorways: Available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray
  • 180-degree viewing angles
  • Backlit, tactile keys
  • Rechargeable three month battery

The new keyboards, availability dates and pricing at are as follows:

  • BrydgePro for iPad Pro is $189.00, available for preorder at and shipping commencing in April 2016.
  • BrydgeMini for iPad mini 4 is $99.00 (preorder special offer), available for preorder at and will ship in January 2016.

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