Details about CES Unveiled and three of my favorite companies so far.

Welcome to CES 2016.  To paraphrase a classic movie from many of our childhoods, they have gadgets and gizmos and plenty.  They have oozits and whatsits galore.  You want thingamabobs, they have 20, but who cares I want more!  CES 2016 is upon us and is on the front line.  We have survived CES Unveiled and got just a taste of the awesome sight that awaits us over January 6-9.  Today is January 5th, Press Day.  Last night we had the opportunity to talk with CEO’s presidents of companies, lead marketing teams and nearly every tier of employee.  Last night we were able to network with approximately 200 people, to discuss tech and the newest and latest/greatest.  To summarize the event from another attendee, they are putting sensors and tech into just about everything.  To me, this is cool.  I would like to summarize my top 3 companies that I had the pleasure to interview last night at CES unveiled.  To be fair these are in no particular order.

CES 2016 Day TwoStarting with Mrs. Heather from Kidde pronounced “Kidda,” we are introduced to a new line of smart home protection/alert gear.  It appears that their goal is to protect you when you are away from your home.  Two devices were discussed with me at the conference.  The first device is meant for those homes without monitored security systems, or for those who do not want to pay a monthly fee. The RemoteLync smoke alarm detector plugs directly into your power outlet and listens for an active smoke or Carbon monoxide alarm.  This will then send a signal to your phone or device to alert you to a problem.  It is uncertain if this device will also send a signal to fire/rescue, which is a feature of the monitored systems like Vivint, ADT etc.   This is a wonderful add on feature to homes, as they should already have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  If you do not want to replace all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, guess what, you do not have to.  This device is sensitive enough to cover a 2000 sq foot home per Mrs. Heather.  At a price point of $99 this is easily affordable at just about any budget.  Home safety is a big deal to me as a father of 3.  Protecting my family is primary and stuff protection is just gravy.  Add this to your home and protect it while it is gone, this is available now for purchase off, and from Kidde directly. The monitoring app is available through Apple and Google marketplaces and is free as of this time.

CES 2016 Day TwoTheir second option is their remote link camera. The device base attaches to any surface with double sided tape and the spherical camera attaches to the base magnetically.  This is meant to monitor your home via camera.  This is a motion activated camera, and will send you a signal with any motion.  It also uses the same app as listed above (free), uses the same wifi that is already present in your home.  You can get on demand video for 5-30 seconds, whenever you choose. You can arm/disarm manually, or set to arm/disarm at a given time such as leaving the home.  It has a pet sensor and this is scalable for various animal sizes.  The camera has a built in shutter for added privacy.  It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months on a single charge.  The bases are not currently available separately. Simply move the base, replace the base with new double sided tape. This is available now, just launched at the end of 2015. It is at a very reasonable price point at $199.  Other devices can be purchased as well such as individual monitors and fire extinguishers, escape ladders etc.  For more, visit

Next on the list, I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Darrell Saldana VP of sales and Business Development and Jean Michael Thiers inventor of magtarget.  Charging our many devices can be a nightmare, cords everywhere, find a plug, find a charging cable.  Magtarget is a new company, bringing alternate technology from Qi (pronounced Chi” inductive). Now, you have a single charging system providing direct wireless charge and connectivity.  The charger attaches to your device by standard double sided tape and plugs directly into the base of your phone.  The question I asked the team was, what if you need to use the Lightning plug for another device.  They responded with 2 options.  First simply slide out the removable connector or attach one of the bases and use this as your point of connection.  The device is slim, will be colored in options to match the iPhone.  The base has lightning to lightning adapters, micro USB and supports data/charging and there is even HDMI out capability with the right base.  This device is available now, currently in production.

CES 2016 Day Two CES 2016 Day Two

CES 2016 Day TwoThere are 4 offerings from the company: basic lightning or android and Premium Lightning or android.  These are available in black or white.  The basic system includes  the phone/device charger and basic dock at a price point of $69.99.  The premium system includes the basic system and includes a universal base for bicycle, Angled adaptor to attach to the included weighted base, basic dock, cigarette car lighter.  The phone adaptor attaches via easily removable double sided tape, which will not scratch or mar the phone.  This is a mounting system and data system combined.  I am excited about this company and look forward to seeing more from them.

CES 2016 Day TwoI also had the Mr. Scott Franklin from Ventev.  This  company has been  around for near a decade and provides  a variety of mobile device chargers, back-up batteries, wall chargers, car charges, hubs, and an entire line of charging cables for your devices.  Mr. Scott reports that many of us typically no longer deal primarily with network issues.  Now we struggle to find enough power to do needed tasks. They provided a variety of portable batteries.  For example they have a 3000mAh super light weight, thin easily portable device.  They also have a 10,000 mAh battery with integrated cables for both android and apple devices.  All of their devices are MFI certified.

CES 2016 Day TwoI think that the most exciting line of their products is the hub line.  I am not alone in the struggle for a reasonable bedside dock that allows access to power and to functional charging.  How do you move power from under a desk, behind a nightstand and bring this to you, to your level.  The charging hub gives you back your power outlet, provides USB charging capability and has an included rubberized charging slot to lay your device into and has built in surge protection. This is a really cool device at a very reasonable price point of $59.99.  You can currently obtain this item and other offerings directly through their website at  The companies products are available through a variety of wireless carriers, independent agents, and through frys electronics as well.   Further offerings will become available.  Added features on many of the devices include Qualcomm 2.0 charging, foldable prongs for storage and portability and backup potteries.  New in 2016 are type C cables, which will likely be found more commonly as this is adopted through the industry.

Video of these interviews will be available soon.  There is plenty more to come.