Versatile workstation makes for a great helper around the house.

Several years ago, we moved into a new house. It’s a 3-bedroom home and we found that the third and smallest bedroom made a convenient storage locker for all the items we didn’t have room for elsewhere in the house. Unfortunately, that was also supposed to be my office/workspace. This year, I’ve been trying to work around the storage, which we still need and create a space for me to be able to work quietly. In order to do that, I first need a desk. This rather unique innovation – the Centipede Tool Sawhorse, allows for just that.

The Centipede Tool Sawhorse was created to allow people the option to have a completely portable workstation where ever you go. The sawhorse totally folds up into a compact carrying bag. It comes in two sizes – regular and XL – and only weighs 12 or 33 lbs (depending on the size you choose).  Here are the main features and pieces of the Centipede Tool Sawhorse.

Centipede Tool Sawhorse Review 4Intelligent Design, Durable Construction

  • Multiple steel struts moved in tandem
  • Support thin materials without sagging
  • Heavy overall weight capacity
  • Flat steel cross bars ensure smooth, enduring operation
  • Set up and take down in seconds
  • Compact portability


  • Replaceable polymer pads protect load, blade and struts from damage
  • Avoid contact damage between saw blade and steel strut
  • Replace damaged P-Tops, not the whole unit
  • Will not mark project board
  • Spins 360° for positioning included and other accessories

Centipede Tool Sawhorse Review 5Quick Clamps

  • Tension clamping system holds boards and table or bench tops in place
  • Soft overmold provides maximum wedge tension
  • Hold boards for cuts and work tops in place for stability
  • Provided with kits and as an accessory
  • Never go without


  • 2X4 drop-in supports for quick sawhorse setup
  • Centipede Tool Sawhorse Review 6Holds standard 2″ x 4″ boards in place
  • Quick cuts without clamps
  • Provided with kits and as an accessory
  • Never go without

Carry/Storage Bag

  • Protected storage and convenient portability for endless possibilities
  • Rugged canvas carry bag for transport and storage
  • Room for accessories and extras
  • Zips shut to keep the elements out

Centipede Tool Sawhorse Review 7The sawhorse is remarkably easy to use. When you first open the bag, you see what looks like a bunch of tent poles. But, when you pull it out and stand it upright, it very easily unfolds. It’s ready to use right out of the packaging. You simply need to attach the Quick Clamps described above for security and then you can start working.

The Centipede Tool Sawhorse has a myriad of uses and because of its portability, it doesn’t have to be locked down to one place. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to build my desk from it yet, but I have been able to use it in other functions. It’s a really unique, creative option for working around the house.

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