CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac takes the hassle out of label making.

Many years ago, I was apart of a video production/post-production company. Part of our business was CD/DVD duplication. With that part of the business came labeling. We agonized over hours of label creation and finally just began using Microsoft Word templates to create somewhat mediocre labels. They worked, but they didn’t have a lot of style to them. Now, there is CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac.

cddvdlabel2CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac by iWinSoft is the world’s leading CD/DVD labeling software for Mac OS X. The software includes hundreds of pieces of art, clipart, backgrounds and even access to your iPhoto library, which allows users to create breathtaking labels in just minutes. There are numerous effects that can be used, like opacity level and masking, to make your label just how you want it. Some of the key features of CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac include:

  • Importing playlists from iTunes, Finder, Text File, etc.
  • A lot of professionally designed templates, backgrounds & clipart images
  • Printing to a wide array of label and paper types
  • Direct CD/DVD printing capabilities are compatible with Epson printers
  • Starting with a pre-designed template, or create you own design from scratch
  • Background and Foreground layers help to create and edit advanced label designs
  • Templates for jewel case and DVD case inserts and booklets, MiniCD, and other media
  • Organizing design elements on separate layers
  • Exporting your label to JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, PNG, Gif, and more other image formats
  • Support for all the common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and more, including various RAW image formats

cddvdlabelOne of the best features, in my opinion, is the ability to use and customize barcodes on the labels. This is something I’ve struggled with many times throughout my career – good barcoding software. CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac provides a very easy-to-use, customizable method for adding barcodes to any of your labels. First, you click on the barcoding tool in the toolbar. Then, you select the section of the label where you want the barcode to appear. From here, you go to the barcode options menu, which appears in the inspector. You can enter the data here, choose the barcode data you want to use and select the sizing options for the barcode.

After you create your label and are ready to print, you are given the option to print a calibration page. I would strongly recommend doing this so that you can make sure you will print in the correct area on the label. For me, the most frustrating part of label making was always the printer calibration. But, CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac, makes the process go much smoother.

cddvdlabel1After testing CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac, I can honestly say that it’s much easier and much more enjoyable to use than fooling with templates in Microsoft Word. If you have to create labels professionally, or personally, I would recommend purchasing CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac from iWinSoft. It’s a good investment and will save you a lot of time and hassle when making labels.

CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac currently retails for $29.95 and can be downloaded from

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