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Category: Mac

Review Screen Flow

Have you ever wanted to make a screen recording of something your doing for someone else to watch. Well I have tried many screen recorder software and found nothing that compares to Screen Flow. Here is our demonstration of...

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Backing up your DVD’s with Mac

In Windows there are many ways to back up your dvd collection, but with the Apple OS there is not many that I have found. This post is about the different ways to copy your DVD’s. The first thing I would like to touch on would...

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Usability and Ease of Use This is a great software, for any one who still has a Windows computer and needs to control it with your Mac. I use this software when I record TV using my windows PC, CoRd is a great remote control...

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Safari 3.1 For Mac And Windows

Safari 3.1 web browser has been released! This web browser, once just for Apple, is now usable on Windows PCs. I can strongly recommend that users download this web browser. It has beaten Firefox and IE7 not only in speed tests,...

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