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Devices that produce sound are speakers. We include Bluetooth speakers, in this category.

TribitSoundbar Ports Wall Mount

The Tribit Soundbar Wireless Home Speaker was designed for wall mount or for shelf utility. Enhance your listening experience and pair your devices via HDMI(arc), Optical, Coax, Aux, and Bluetooth connectivity. The speakers provide 100 Watts of power with 6 Speakers/dual built-in subwoofers. The speaker presets allow four preset EQ modes (Movie, Game, Music, News) to improve your listening experience.

Tribit XSound Mega Waterproof

I am not sure how people survived the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic without an on-demand source for music, video, and book streaming.  It seems that my interest in audiobooks has drastically expanded, as has my interest in binging episodes of new and old programs.  Despite the increased streaming, the remaining moments of my free time have been devoted to comfort tracks/albums.  Even though listening with on-ear, over-ear, or in-ear headphone systems

SoundCore Motion Boom Bluetooth Speaker

One of my favorite accessories has always been Bluetooth speakers. I love listening to music wherever I go and even though I have headphones or could listen directly through the phone, I sometimes like to have extra volume and bass depth that Bluetooth speakers provide.