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All devices in this category are related to photography. This includes lighting, modifiers, tripods, and cameras.


The MT-912 Light Meter will provide an inexpensive window into the ambient/directional light of an environment. You can quickly/easily change from Fahrenheit to Celcius, activate/deactivate the 15-minute auto-off timer, and enjoy a real-time measurement mode, a minimum intensity mode, or maximum intensity mode. Perfect for photography or other light-sensitive activities, the MT-912 between Lux/Foot-Candles. Lightweight, portable, and easily pocketable, the device should fit nicely into your camera/gear bag.

Joby Wavo Air Wireless Microphone System

The Wavo AIR is designed to be the most complete and flexible wireless microphone kit available. It features high-quality, secure 2.4Ghz wireless audio transmission with a unique, modular mounting system that adapts to your creativity. The system boasts an impressive 6-hour battery life and a fast, immediate pairing process.

LitraPro Compact Light

Sometimes when you go to shoot video footage, you need something a little more rugged than the standard light will allow. This is why Litra created the LitraPro – a compact video light built for adventure. The LitraPro provides studio lighting that fits in your pocket. It’s the world’s first full-spectrum bi-color compact video and photo adventure light.

Godox V860III Flash

A few years ago, I found myself on the precipice of photographing my first wedding. It was a daunting task, but exhilarating at the same time. As I planned how I was going to shoot the event I realized that I was missing a key piece of equipment – a rechargeable on-camera flash

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small

Drawing tablets are a great accessory for creative professionals. Until recently, there have been only a few options (brand-wise) as add-on accessories for workstations. Thankfully, Xencelabs entered the market (run by a group of former Wacom employees) and has designed some miraculous, innovative creative tablets for professionals to work with. One product is the Pen Tablet Small that I was lucky enough to be able to review.