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Office equipment and accessories such as desks, monitor stands, and mice are reviewed in this category.

NEARPOW Laptop Desk

The Nearpow Laptop Desk measures 23.6″ x 12.8″ x 25.2″. It’s has a high-density leather tabletop to provide the user with an anti-slip surface.

COLORCORAL Vacuum Dust Cleaner

Enjoy a lightweight, handheld, USB-C rechargeable, strong-suction vacuum from Colorcoral. With more than 30-minutes of continuous suction and a removable, cleanable internal HEPAA filter, you can say goodbye to workplace dust.

AFMAT Cordless Air Duster

If you are worried about the need to buy cans of duster for your electronics and collectibles, consider the rechargeable, cordless air duster from AFMAT. Enjoy no chemicals, no propellants, no inhalants, and no can to throw away/recycle. The portable device promises a 30-minute continuous runtime from the 6000mAah rechargeable battery. Swab out the main flow nozzle with a brush accessory for added cleaning power. Enjoy quick, convenient cleaning with the easy to grip, easy to aim, easy to recharge portable air duster.

Insputer Folding Table

My home office is used for many different functions. It’s first and foremost an office where I do my daily work. Second, it’s a place to relax and watch TV or read a book. I have a large computer desk and several places to store books, which I love being surrounded by. One of the ancillary purposes of this room is for photography.

Lightning Bolt Neon Light

This light is called a neon light, but it’s actually made out of LEDs. The structure is made of hazard-free flexible neon tubes and plastic. It is environmentally safe and actually produces low heat – even after long periods of use.

Lastar LED Desk Lamp

I’ve been working from home for more than a year now. I know many other people are in the same boat as me and constantly trying to make their workspace feel like ‘work home.’ I like my desk to be comfortable, but productive in nature. I like having all my devices close at hand and love having plenty of light.