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Learn how-to use software and various hardware to the best of your ability with the articles in this cateogory.

How-To: Enable Video for iOS Camera App 1

After discovering that the video option was missing from the Camera App on my iPhone, I discovered a fairly quick fix to this problem. Read this How-To to find out how to fix this randomly occurring iOS issue.

Push notifications are great. As news providers, we appreciate them. We feel like it’s a good method to make sure our audiences receive the most up-to-date information as it’s released, but we can also see how too many become an annoyance. Learn how to manage your preferences in this How-To.

This How-To explains a quick, efficient way to make a list of all the applications on your system. This is handy if you need to restore or rebuild your system.

How-To: Shake Undo

This tip will show you how to quickly undo unnecessary typing when autocorrect takes over or when you just don’t have the necessary dexterity to complete your thoughts. It’s as easy as shaking your phone.

How-To: iOS Device Timer Parent Mode Hack

In my family, we have a love of old and new technology. My boys ages 6 and 4 (6 month old daughter, too) get to play with tech regularly. They regularly watch movies, play games, watch TV cartoons or YouTube videos (surprise egg videos are their thing right now) on my iPad 2 or iPad Air 2.

It is a blessing and a frustration that each iOS update brings new changes to known apps. The camera app is no different. Am I alone in filling up my device with images and videos? I suspect if you are reading this article, this is not unusual. So many images, so little space.

iOS 9 logo

With the launch of iOS 9 we now have the Apple News app available for all our news needs. We are very happy to announce that MacSources is available in Apple News!

One of the newest features of iOS 9 is the integration of Content Blockers. You can use these in close to the same way you can in OS X. First, you will need to find a content blocker you like in the App Store.

If you are like me then you practically live inside your email client. Because of heavy use I find myself loving Auto-Complete in the To: field of Mail. The problem with Auto-Complete is that once you send and receive lots of emails some less desirable ones start to pop-up as you enter address or names for your next mail message.