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Stay Safe

For those of you living in the midwest, I hope this post finds you safe and sound tonight. As most...

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Camping out for the iPad 2

So here we are Nick and Kevin of nccsites camping out or more like camping in walmart. We claimed our spot this morning around 9am. In other cities there are pretty big lines starting to build up. Luckily we are the only 2 here...

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iPhone Coming to Verizon

I would have never thought this to happen, Apple has allowed Verizon to get the iPhone. Below is from Apple.com Beginning February 10, the phone that changed everything will be available on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless in...

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Verizon iPhone

Verizon to get the iPhone, what a joke. I understand that with CDMA you can’t do voice and data in parallel? I know first hand that AT&T’s network sucks, I can’t even get service in my house I’m...

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Apple Special Event

If you was under a rock on September 1st, then you may have missed Apples live event. Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil the new iPod lineup, Apple TV, and iTunes 10.Here’s your chance to check it all out.

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WWDC 2010

If you missed the live WWDC Keynote yesterday here is your chance to see the full thing. Watch as Steve jobs talks about the new iPhone 4, iPad and lots more.

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iPhone 4g…..coming soon!

If you haven’t already heard, an Apple employee lost a prototype for the 4th generation iphone while drinking at a California bar. Allegedly Gizmodo purchased it from whoever stole the prototype for $5,000. When Apple...

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Laptop Joy + iPad Encounter

Today I got my first chance to play with the iPad, I was at my local BestBuy, my first encounter with the iPad was not anything special, BestBuy had put some sort of screen protecter on the iPad which made typing and sliding on...

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iPad Will You Buy?

Is the iPad right for me? Thats the big question on the minds of many people. Here at nccsites we believe that the iPad can do no harm, Its a giant iPhone minus the phone. The iPad has a 9 inch touch screen, The touch interface...

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Save money using your iphone

1. Save money by finding the cheapest gas nearby with GasBuddy .99 cents in the Appstore. 2. Save from $5-$15 a month by taking texting off your plan and using Textfree! You can send up to 15 per day with the free version and...

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New toys for me :)

I watched Apples WWDC last night, I was very impressed with all the upcoming releases from Apple. I was very happy to finally see a demo of Snow Leopard and Quick Time X. I also was very Happy to see the stuff about the new 3GS...

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ATT & The Feather Case

ATT has really found away to stick it to their customers, The white feather case made by incipio costs 19.99 when you visit the makers of this cases website, It also comes with a screen protector cleaning cloth and choice of...

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iPhone Chargers Oct 10th

Important Safety Notice Today Apple announced the Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange program. Apple has determined that under certain conditions the new ultracompact Apple USB power adapter’s metal prongs can...

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iPhone 3G Coming July 11.

Here it is boys and girls yes thats right we are approaching the release of the iPhone but wait did we not just do this one year ago. Yes thats right its the iPhone 3G the second release of the Jesus phone. So with the new...

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At&t Blackbery & iPhone

The past few days have been different for sure. I am an iphone owner, and for the past three weeks, I have not been able to use my iphone here at my house, and in some spots thru out my town. With three burned out pixels on the...

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