For the Apple Watch loving, adventure seeking, outdoorsman, water-sport-loving individual, the Catalyst case makes a special under-tree gift.

Catalyst watch series 3
Apple released its latest generation of Apple Watch on September 12, 2017.  The Series 3 watch is available in two main varieties, GPS and LTE, but retains the appearance and 50-meter water resistance of the second series watch.  The LTE (cellular) models have a red crown accent, which distinguishes them from the GPS versions (same color as the case).  With the new feature, you can link your watch to your cell phone number.  Initially, I was really excited to experience some Dick Tracy Nostalgia.  However, I was a little irritated when I learned that Verizon wanted $10 per month to enjoy the newest feature of my Apple Watch.  With the watch, you can go for a run, go for a ride, pack lightly and leave your phone behind.  Should you need to make a phone call, you can utilize the watch, sans phone.  In fact, an story detailed how this feature allowed a kitesurfer to call for help, in shark-infested waters, with the Apple Watch Series 3.

Catalyst Exploded
I love protective gear for my tech and I often choose armor style cases.  For the past year, I have enjoyed the Catalyst Case for my 42mm series 1 Apple Watch.  I took my watch everywhere and never thought twice about camping trips, showering or any other activity.  When I bought my Apple Watch 3, the first case that came to mind was the Catalyst case.  The case arrived in a very visually appealing retail package, detailing the 330-foot waterproof rating, the 6.6-foot drop rating, and 360-degree protection.  The cover displays a very attractive submerged image of the shielded Apple watch.  If you lift the magnetic cover, you can see the black case and the quality of the craftsmanship.  Removing the case from the packaging, you will immediately notice an encased dummy watch.  Undo the small screw in the back with the included screwdriver.  Use both thumbs to easily press the silicone and the dummy watch will fall out.  Remove the bands from your Apple watch by pressing the small buttons on the bottom.  Slide the square watch into the silicone and then press the top of the watch onto the silicone.  Make sure that all edges of the silicone are visible on the screen.  Press the top into the base and then reinstall the screw.  You can now enjoy the bezel protection, back protection, and the 330-foot water resistance.

Catalyst Watch

The Catalyst case band is very comfortable and will adjust to fit your wrist.  The case adds 1.27 ounces to the weight of the watch (1.23 ounces), for a total of 2.5 ounces.  It may be a little heavy at first, but you will not notice this after a while.  The crown can spin freely with the case, you can access the side button and directly access the unobstructed screen.  The Catalyst logo is attractively etched into the front right of the case, providing a really nice representation of the company name.  The only potential deficiency with this case is the lack of direct screen protection.  To shore up the lack of screen protection, I decided to coat the screen with a Kristall Nano liquid screen protector.  The protector was easy to install/apply and added a little more piece of mind.  With slightly raised edges, the Catalyst case does very well at protecting from glancing blows.  I am not a fan of glass screen protectors and I know that there are many who feel the same way.  For most, this case provides more than enough protection.  The instruction manual is very straightforward, detailing the setup and waterproof testing steps.  Enjoy the watch in nearly every environment, enjoy military-grade impact protection (MIL-STD 810G), check heart rate through the case, and charge the watch through the case.  This case is the perfect gift to pair with the Apple Watch series 3 (or series 2) this holiday season.  I am a huge fan of the company and enjoy many of their iPhone and iPad cases as well.  I would rate this case at 5/5 for protection and quality. You can combine the love of tech with the love of the outdoors and enjoy all of the features of your Apple Watch, all with the added comfort of the IP68 Catalyst protection.  I could not ask for a better gift.

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