What is missing in your perfect Christmas equation?  Perhaps it is the Catalyst!

My wife often tells me that it is difficult to find a present that I would like.  Truthfully, technology, gadgets, devices, and accessories do not interest her, and it is difficult for her to relate to them.  I love to review products, to research them and to find the best product for the price.  The color matters, the accessories matter, the internal components matter, and the packaging matters.  I try to keep up with news sources, blogs, and I regularly enjoy trips to brick-and-mortar stores.  One of my favorite aspects of being a working adult is the ability to purchase the things I want when I want them.  I try to hold back but often by the end of the year, there is little left in the “I WANT THAT” category.  To use a classic holiday theme, I end up with my very own naughty/nice list.

Catalyst AirPods Special Edition
I had my eyes set on the Apple AirPods for quite some time.  Like my iPhone XS Max and my iPad Pro 10.5 inch, I wanted a protective and attractive case for my device.  We have previously reviewed the glow-in-the-dark Catalyst AirPod Case on Macsources.com, and we additionally detailed the news that the Catalyst Airpods cases were available at BestBuy.  The 2017 International Design Award winning, 2018 CES Innovation Award Honoree earning, IP67 water resistant, cases can currently be purchased in blueridge/sunset, frost white, slate gray, deep plum, army green, coral, glacier blue, and sunset colors for $24.99 and the glow-in-the-dark color for $29.99.  As of today, December 18, 2018, Catalyst is launching Special Edition cases for the AirPods at 300 North American Apple Stores, Apple.com and catalystcase.com.  Now available in Black or White, the special edition cases will join the Glow-in-the-Dark case for an affordable price of $29.99.

Similar to the other Catalyst AirPod cases, the special edition devices promise the same IP67 waterproof standards, Mil-STD 810 G drop proof rating, and the same soft silicone feel.  Each device should arrive in a 2 9/16 inches wide by 3 3/8 inches tall by 1 7/16 inches thick retail package.  The cover will proudly display the carabiner case underneath a bolded “Catalyst logo.”  Each case comes packaged with a lightweight carabiner, but the new devices learned from some of the previous comments/mistakes.  The previous models oriented the carabiner perpendicular to the case, creating a somewhat bulkier feel.  The special edition cases oriented the carabiner in the same plane as the AirPod case and added an “intuitive inward-facing clasp, which makes it easier to hook onto your belt loops and bags.”  Rotating the carabiner ninety degrees should allow the case to lie flat against your chest, your belt loop, or your bag.  Although subtle, this design change may significantly enhance the function of the case.

If you are struggling to find that perfect gift for the Apple Loving, AirPod using, case craving, fan in your life, look no further than the Special Edition AirPod Catalyst cases.

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