The ultimate waterproof and protective case for AirPods Pro. Slip into something even more adventureful!

Whether traveling for business, for CubScout adventures, or family vacations, I carry my iPhone 11 Pro Max (12 Pro Max awaiting preorder) and my AirPods Pro. Ever since I ran into the Catalyst team at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have trusted them with my gear. Beyond name recognition and brand loyalty, their packaging, customer service, and product quality have remained top-notch. Other than losing a lower lightning port plug on a previous iPhone case, I have not found a leaky case, nor an Impact Protection Case that did not meet or exceed their promises. After a quick email and a few days of waiting, Catalyst was able to send me the part that I had lost. I do not think the process could have been easier and they have provided one of the best customer service experiences to date.

With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the increased need for cleanliness, I have likely sanitized my Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max around a few thousand times. With this level of protection, I knew that I wanted a similar experience for my AirPods Pro. Up until recently, I have been using the Catalyst Waterproof Silicone case. The case was lightweight, sleek, visually appealing, and added waterproofing to the AirPods Pro. Unfortunately, even with the case installed, my Airpods Pro case was scuffed. I looked to Catalyst for additional options for my AirPods Pro and excitedly found an even more protective shell for my AirPods Pro. The Catalyst Total Protection AirPod Pro Case arrived in an attractive 3 1/4 inches wide by 3 7/8 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches thick retail case.  The main/front panel displayed the catalyst name/logo along the top, four vivid black-colored icons along the right (cleanable, Waterproof, Drop Proof, Wireless Charging Compatible), and the product name along the bottom of the panel.  Along the bottom edge of the cover, you will find a blue rectangle with a CDC Foundation Support Announcement.  Amazingly, Catalyst has pledged to support the CDC Foundation and will donate a dollar for every device sold through 2021. Despite all of the above features, the main focal point was the Army-green-colored, slightly raised, glossy image of the Total Protection Case.  I loved the vivid colors, the contrast against the clean white background, and the cover’s overall design.  The left panel provided ink drawings of a water bottle, purse, backpack, and belt loop with carabiner-loop-attached AirPods case.  This was in stark contrast to the lifelike view of a submerged case on the opposite side panel.  Similar to the cover panel, catalyst chose photo-quality imagery over dull, lifeless, flat images. 

The back panel displayed five cartoon-like product descriptors along the left of the panel: Disinfectable with EPA approved disinfectants, Waterproof to 100M/330 Feet/IP68, Drop Proof 3M/10Ft Mil-STD 810G, Quick Access Secure Lock, CDC Foundation $1 donation.  To the right of the descriptors, you will find two glossy images of the Total Protection Case.  The upper image portrayed an obliquely-angled closed case, while the lower image showcased an open, side view of the case, the carabiner, and the lower charging port with a lightning cable.  The bottom panel provided two UPC barcodes, detailed the features in several languages, mentioned the 1-year warranty, and legalese small print.  Lastly, the top panel listed the website address upon a pristine white background.  The clean lines and panels, combined with the crisp imagery, vivid colors, and action shots, provide clear evidence as to the reason that Catalyst won the 2018 IF Award for Packaging Design. 

I lifted the “Pull” tab on the top panel to access the product and slid the internal black plastic tray upward and out of the cardboard packaging.  The catalyst Total Protection AirPods Pro Case took up ninety-percent of the plastic tray while the carabiner rested upright within its own slot.  I removed the 1.37-ounce case, then the 0.21-ounce carabiner, and subsequently installed the carabiner into the thick plastic loop.  I lifted the 5/16 inches wide by 7/8 inches long black-colored latch followed by the clamshell lid.  I removed my AirPods Pro case from within the silicone Catalyst Waterproof case and slid it into the 1.62-ounce army-green case.  On the back of the case, you will find a 3/8-inches diameter cutout silicone button. The design allowed access to the solitary button on the AirPods Pro charging case and the wireless charging feature. Thanks to the design’s ingenuity, it was quite easy to orient the AirPods within the case. The front LED of the Airpods Pro Case will align with the small, thinner section of silicone just above the etched “catalyst” name on the front of the case. Align the case and slide it into the black silicone lined lower shell, close the lid, and then secure the latch. With the AirPods Pro installed, the pair’s combined weight was an astonishing 3.57-ounces, and it measured 3 1/8 inches long by 2 inches tall by 1 1/8 inches thick. The carabiner was attached at the back end of the case, just inferior to the hinge. The design was robust, felt quite protective, and reminded me of a military-style case or many of the Pelican hardshell cases.

Despite my love for the ultra-lightweight Catalyst Waterproof and Drop Proof Case, it did not provide enough protection along the top of my AirPods Pro. With my desire to clip the case to my Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II backpack and to my belt loop, I needed enhanced 360-degree protection. Having carried the new case around for the past week, I found the Total Protection Case to be more protective. I loved the latch design and hinge/silicone features. The case remained closed, secured, and strong through walking/jogging activities. Whoever designed the hinged carabiner attachment point needs to be commended. The internal pin, combined with the carabiner’s ability to rotate/twist, eliminated the fixed breakpoint that would have resulted from a fixed clip point. Thanks to the design, the forces of a drop will not traverse through that fixed point. Instead, the AirPods Pro case can rock and move with you. To expand upon the merits of the case, I loved that I was able to charge my AirPods Pro wirelessly, as well as via lightning cable when needed. I made sure the case was fully latched, and the inferior lightning port was plugged before testing the IP67 rating. After five minutes of resting in my shower, with the showerhead running onto the case, and then an hour submerged in a tub of water, the case’s interior remained dry. I could not have been more pleased with the product.

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your AirPods Pro Case, you have found it. With the pandemic not showing signs of slowing down, why not pick one up as a perfect stocking stuffer? For less than $30, you can protect your AirPods Pro, and gain the ability to easily sanitize the surface.

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