Your phone may be the most contaminated object in the room.

I know that I am not alone in wondering how life will change post-COVID-19.  Currently, we have been asked to socially distance, to focus on handwashing, cough/sneeze hygiene, to avoid touching your face, to use personal protective gear, and to monitor symptoms.  You may think that you are doing well to use Clorox wipes on your doorknobs, light switches, rails, tables, chairs, banisters, etc.  However, you forgot about the one thing that you may touch more than anything else throughout the day, your smartphone.  According to a Business Insider report, the average individual touches their phone 2617 times per day (Dscout) and extreme users (super touchers) may touch their phone more than 5400 times in a twenty-four hour period.  So, even if you do everything above correctly, you are still forgetting about one of the most concerning sources of contamination.   

Catalyst has been one of my favorite iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch case makers since I met them at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In fact, I currently have their Impact Protection Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max installed on my iPhone.  If you are not aware of the current literature, SARS-COV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, is suspected to survive in the air for up to three hours and on certain surfaces for up to about three days.  It may only take a single touch to a contaminated surface, followed by a simple scratch of your eye, nose, lip, etc., to lead to infection.  Experts stress the importance of washing your hands with soap and water or using an approved alcohol gel, as the best prevention for the spread of the SARS-COV-2 and other viruses/illnesses.  Whether we consider our hands, commonly touched surfaces, or our electronic devices, we need to consider the best way to decontaminate the surfaces.  Washing with soap and water, alcohol, or using chemical/bleach wipes or sprays may work for several surfaces, but our sensitive electronic devices may not tolerate this method of cleaning.

Apple and other electronic manufacturers recommend avoiding getting moisture into any opening of their devices and to never submerge electronics into any liquid.  Many companies recommend spraying non-abrasive, alcohol-based (70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol) disinfectant onto a lint-free cloth and wiping the surface of your phone.  My preferred chemical has been Woosh Sanitech and Screen Shine with Woosh microfiber cloths, but a 70% alcohol spray onto the cloth should work fine.  Interestingly, as of 03/09/2020, Apple endorsed the use of Clorox wipes with their newest devices. With such a variety of disparaging information, the proper method to clean our devices remains somewhat confusing.  If you are still worried about protecting the surface of your phone, you can invest in a UV cleaner like the PhoneSoap or HomeSoap devices, or you can add a Catalyst 100% Waterproof case and then use whatever cleaning agent you want.

Available for iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches, the 360-degree protective cases add a significant degree of waterproofing, drop resistance, screen protection, and experience-proofing.  The Waterproof iPhone cases promise 33ft/10m waterproof protection, 6.6ft/2m drop protection, slim design, True sound acoustic speaker covering, rotating mute toggle switch, hard protected optical lens, easily accessible charging port, and sensitive touch-screen protection.  These cases are currently available for all modern iPhone devices.  The iPad cases provide IP68 6.6ft/2m waterproofing, 4-foot drop protection, external rubberized grip, large easily accessible charging ports, and hard-coated optical lens.  Waterproof cases are currently available for iPad Mini 4/5, 9.7” iPad (5th and 6th gen 2017/18), 9.7” iPad Pro (1st gen 2016), 12.9” iPad Pro (1st/3rd gen 2015 and 2018), 11” iPad Pro (2018), 10.5” iPad Air (Gen 3 2019) and 10.2” iPad (2019).  The Apple Watch cases have grown to be my favorite devices produced by Catalyst.  Available for all generations of Apple Watch, the case provides 360-degree protection but leaves the screen unobstructed.  With the added protection, you can enjoy IP-68 waterproofing, 330ft/100m depth (only 50-meter with Gen 1/2 watches), Mil-STD 810G 6.6ft/2m drop resistant, 10-meter waterproof protection, 6.6ft/2m drop protection, fully sealed surface, but you lose the ability to use the Apple EKG App.  Lastly, you can enjoy the waterproof case for the AirPods/AirPods Pro (REVIEW TO FOLLOW SOON).  These silicone cases will provide MIL-STD 810G drop protection, IP67 waterproofing, and will allow wireless charging. 

The fully enclosed Catalyst cases can be cleansed with topical spray directly onto their surfaces or through the use of UV sanitizing methods.  If you consider that your toilet seat may be cleaner than your iPhone, it is necessary to clean your phone more frequently.  So, if you do not want to look for cleaner/wipes every time you “remember” to clean your phone, perhaps a Catalyst Waterproof case is the best option for you.  With this option, you can wash your case with soap and water every time you would wash your hands.   

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