Catalyst also introduces waterproof, drop-proof case for the new line of Apple phone cases including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

Catalyst, the award-winning manufacturer of protective waterproof cases, today announces the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the iPhone X, a shockproof protective case that expands their portfolio of cases beyond waterproof products and solutions. The design brings a new level of impact protection increasing the drop specification to 9.9ft (3m). The Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the iPhone X, available for pre-order now, is introduced on the heels of the much-anticipated product announcement from Apple and provides a fresh, sleek design that showcases a refinement in performance and style.

“The Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the iPhone X is a game changer for us,” said Catalyst CEO June Lai. “Catalyst has a long history of making the industry leading waterproof, drop proof cases.  This is the first in a new line of products that diversifies our offering and presents a lower cost, sleek case for those who may not need a water-tight solution but still require the impact protection. We have a number of other products in development and are excited to unveil them to customers, starting today with the Impact Protection Case.”

In addition, Catalyst also today introduces a waterproof, drop proof case for the iPhone X. The case is IP-68 to 33 feet (10 meters) and still the most protective, waterproof everyday case in the world. The new Catalyst waterproof case is now available for pre-order and expected to ship in January.

As part of the announcement, Apple also introduced the second generation AirPods.  Catalyst offers the only IP-67 waterproof, drop-proof case for Apple AirPods which is compatible with the 1st and 2nd generation accessories.

“We are always working to diversify our product line and meet a variety of lifestyle needs,” said Co-Founder and Chief Designer Josh Wright. “Catalyst products are made to fit our customer’s day to day adventure and enable them to use their devices without worry.  Over the last year, we’ve added bold colors, styles and varied levels of protection in our product offerings. Our customers have grown to expect the best quality from Catalyst and that’s exactly what we’re delivering with every new case as we extend our range of products.”

Apple is also releasing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Catalyst will be releasing new waterproof cases for these to ship in December.

Catalyst Launches Impact Protection Case for iPhone X NEWS


Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the iPhone X
US $39.99 | EU €43.99 | GBP £39.99 | Pre-order now, Available September

The Catalyst Impact Protection Case line stays true to the Catalyst signature features: with a grippy rubber bumper, lanyard attachment, rotating mute switch and clear case back to showcase the style and color of the iPhone. This design has an angular modern form for the iPhone X and added impact protection from an innovative truss cushioning system combined with a proprietary rubber polymer blend to increase the drop spec to 9.9ft (3m).

Catalyst Case for AirPods
US $24.99 | EU  €27.99 | GBP £24.99 | Available now
Glow-in-the-dark version US $29.99 | EU €32.99 | GBP £29.99 | Available now

The first of its kind Catalyst case for AirPods is a premium protective case that is a stylish, essential everyday accessory. Made of a soft premium silicone, the case is IP67 waterproof to 3.3ft (1m) and drop proof to 4ft (1.2m). Its slim, minimalist and designed so users have convenient access to the charge port. The included carabiner allows the case to be easily attached to a belt loop, bag or backpack so that you can always find your AirPods and they are easily accessible. Compatible with the 1st and 2nd generation of AirPods.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8 US $79.99 | EU €87.99 | GBP £78.99 | Pre-order now, available in December
iPhone 8 Plus $89.99 | EU €98.99 | GBP £88.99 | Pre-order now, available in December

The Catalyst case for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus provides the industry leading protection Catalyst is known for. Every case is tested waterproof to 33ft (10m) and designed to handle drops up to 6.6ft (2m).The case features Catalyst’s signature rotating mute switch, sensitive touchscreen and TouchID, quickly accessible ports and wrist lanyard.

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone X
US $ 89.99 | EU € 98.99 | GBP £88.99  | Pre-order now, available in January

The Catalyst waterproof case for the iPhone X is an evolution of our high-performance waterproof and drop proof cases. With 33ft (10m) waterproof protection and 6.6ft (2m) impact protection, this case is the industry leader in slim everyday waterproof cases. Catalyst is known for having superior acoustic performance that features with our patented True Sound Acoustic Technology™.The ultra-slim profile and clear front and back housing compliments and showcases Apple’s iconic design beautifully without sacrificing the industry leading protection Catalyst is known for.

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