Definitely a book you can judge by its cover.

Even before the iPhone 12 Pro Max was released, I knew that I would find my way back into a Catalyst case. For the past four years, I have tested various cases and found many of them wanting in one way or another. Like Goldilocks in the story of the bears, Catalyst’s cases continue to be the “just right” selection. Interestingly, this journey has not been one solely of brand loyalty. Instead, through award-winning packaging design, quality craftsmanship, top-notch customer service, and a friendly family-centered team, they have checked all of the right boxes to exceed my expectations. Thus, as I heard about the latest phone and the latest cases, I think I was equally excited for the new tech and to see what Catalyst brought to the table this time.

The catalyst iPhone 12 Pro Max Influence Case arrived in a sleek 4 1/4 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick hanging package. True to catalyst form, the packaging did not disappoint. Starting with the cover panel, I was pleased to find the white-colored catalyst name/logo boldly displayed atop the panel. The lower half of the panel featured a bright, vibrant city-scape with plenty of light and color. You will find icons denoting the 4.5m/15ft Mil-STD 810 G drop-proof nature of the case, the crux attachment system, and the included wrist lanyard along the left of the panel. You will find the product name listed along the bottom right and French labels for the three icons. Despite the colorful color scheme, the cover’s main focal point was the clear window and the ability to visualize the case directly. Instead of relying upon flat imagery, this setup allowed for a more thorough understanding of the product. Flipping to the right-side panel, I found the #CatalystCase Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles, as well as a brief introduction to the Crux System Accessories. The opposite side panel displayed a slightly raised, glossy-image of the case’s side panel. This view emphasized the volume crown dial and volume up and down buttons.

Despite the allure of the cover, the rear panel proved to be my favorite. The catalyst name and logo and the INFLUENCE name were clearly visible along the panel’s top and contrasted brilliantly against the dark background. You will find a pair of colorful images of the front/back of the case along the middle of the panel. Alongside the images, you will find eight labeled icons: Survives Drops from 15ft (4.5m), Air-Cushioned Engineering, Raised Edge Protects Screen/Camera, Patented Rotating Mute Switch, Slim Pocketable Design, fingerprint-free Frosted Back, Forward Audio Projection, and Crux Attachment System. Lastly, along the panel’s bottom, you will find four thumbnails of empowered lifestyles and a multilingual description of the case features. To access the 1.30-ounce Influence case, lift the bottom flap, and slide the inner white tray out of the packaging. You will find the 6 5/8 inches tall by 3 3/8 inches wide by 1/2 inches thick case resting atop a cardboard pedestal that was decorated to resemble an iPhone.

The frosted bluish backing material paired perfectly with the black surrounding case material. You will find a 1 3/8 inches wide by 1 7/16 inches tall camera cutout with a raised bezel along the top left of the back panel. You will find an 11/16 inches long by 1/8 inches tall power button along the power button side of the case, and the catalyst name etched into the lower section of the panel. The opposite side panel had the 1/4 inch diameter volume mute wheel with catalyst logo and dual 7/16 inches long by 1/8 inches tall volume up and down buttons. Turning to the bottom o the case, you will find a 15/32 inches wide by 9/32 inches tall lightning cutout and dual forward-facing 9/16 inches wide by 1/16 inches tall speaker cutouts. The bezel along the front panel was raised above the phone’s surface and was designed to act as a protective barrier. Insert the case by angling the volume toggle inside the case and subsequently walk your thumb around the margins. If done correctly, the case will snap around the border for your new iPhone 12 Pro max. As a bonus, before getting rid of the white internal cardboard tray, make sure that you remove the 6 3/4 inches long wrist lanyard that was pseudo-hidden within the cardboard section atop the case. You can install this at any of the four corners of the INFLUENCE case by utilizing the included attachment points. Slide the smaller layer through the opening, feed the lanyard’s tail through the loop, and pull securely to affix the wrist lanyard.

I was pleased with the packaging, the easy installation process, and the case design. The crux attachment system will allow you to attach a lanyard to any of the four corners, and if desired, you can purchase accessory buttons/lanyards. The frosted backing material did not seem to attract lint nor fingerprints, and the lightning port was easily accessible. I liked that I could see the Apple logo through the case and that the case did not inhibit my ability to charge my phone wirelessly. I felt that the unique volume toggle wheel and the volume/power buttons were responsive and had a pleasing click-feel to continue the list of positive features. Instead of using silicone/rubberized buttons, I loved that catalyst used harder plasticized ones. Lastly, and most importantly, the case will protect your phone. I do my best to keep my electronics in mint condition, and I am quite careful with them. As I reviewed this case, I had my iPhone 12 Pro max in my hand, and I stumbled over my excited Boston Terrier. She was perfectly fine as she moved, but my phone dropped from about chest height onto my hardwood floor. The case landed flat on the back and slid about three feet before stopping. The case and phone did not even get scuffed. The raised edges around the camera protected the lenses’ surface, and the Influence case lived up to the Mil-STD rating. Functional, attractive, and protective, what more could you want in a case?

Main Features:
Mil-STD 810-G 4.5M Drop Resistant
Included Wrist Lanyard
Crux Attachment System (each of the four corners)
Rotating mute toggle switch
Raised edge protection
Stylish look
Interchangeable Buttons/lanyard.

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