Catalyst Case for AirPods is the first of it’s kind.

Not too long ago, I inherited a pair of the elusive Apple AirPods Wireless earphones. Since I am a fan of the EarPod style of headphones from Apple, I was thrilled to get my hands on the AirPods. Even though this review isn’t technically about them, I want to point out that they are probably the best set of wireless earphones I’ve ever used. Their sound quality is amazing and they are super comfortable to me. I know that not everyone’s ears are shaped the same way though and some people may not be as amazed by them as I am. That said, I take my newly acquired AirPods with me EVERYWHERE.

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW

They are the perfect companion for listening to music at work, talking on the phone hands-free in the car, and just relaxing with an audio book or podcast on the hammock in the backyard. I rarely leave them at home and because of that I am of course concerned about their physical condition and keeping the AirPods as well as their charging/storage case in prime condition. I often find myself just tossing them into my purse — especially after a long day at work — but that isn’t really the best way to keep the case from getting scratched up. There are a few options out there to protect your case, but I just found what I think is ideal for me — the Catalyst AirPod Case.

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW

The case itself is designed to be flexible, but durable for the ‘active’ lifestyle. Even though I don’t have what I consider an active lifestyle, this amazing little case is perfect even for someone who is just constantly on the go. The case is made out of premium silicone to help protect against dirt and scratches and the case is designed to meet military drop standards (MIL-STD 810G). The AirPod Case is actually considered waterproof, too, up to 1 meter. It’s been tested IP67, but I did question the waterproof nature of the case since the AirPod charging case isn’t airtight. When you look closely at the Catalyst case though, you will notice that the silicone wraps tightly around the plastic charging case and completely covers the opening of the charging case. I would still exercise caution though and not purposely submerge the AirPods in the Catalyst case. I would feel safe if water gets splashed on it or if you get caught in the rain, but I wouldn’t go swimming with the AirPods attached to you.

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW

The bottom of the case includes a flap that opens to the Lightning charging port on the bottom of the AirPod case. It’s designed this way so that you can still charge the case while it’s in the Catalyst case. The case ships with a detachable carabiner so that you can attach it to your bag, purse, belt, etc. and always keep track of your AirPods. When you want to access the AirPods, you simply fold down the top of the Catalyst case and open the AirPod case to reveal the earphones.

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW

I truly love and appreciate this wonderful little case. Not only does it protect my AirPods, but it also adds a bit of customization to them. The Catalyst AirPod Case is available in several different colors and even has a glow in the dark version. So, you can choose one that fits your personality. The case doesn’t add a lot of bulk and you still have access to all the important parts of your AirPod case. If you have AirPods, I would recommend this case as it will help to keep your AirPods in prime condition.

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