The power to make your music glow

One of the accessories I rarely leave the house without is my AirPods. You never know when you might want to listen to music or a podcast while you are out and about so AirPods are pretty much the perfect option to come along with you since they have their own charging case. The case itself though has to be carried within a pocket or pouch since it doesn’t have its own method of attachment. This is a strange void that Catalyst Case has filled with their case for AirPods.

This past July — just a few short months ago — Robyn did a review of this exact case and while the design is the same, I recently picked one of these cases up, too. The big difference is that mine will glow in the dark!

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW Glow in the Dark

While I was at CES a few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to discuss products with the great men and women at Catalyst Case. They gave me the AirPod case as a gift and I was ecstatic to have the accessory since Robyn has been such a fan of it. I try very hard to keep my devices in pristine condition and having this extra special case to wrap my AirPods in has been great.

Even though we have done a comprehensive review of this case recently, I want to point out the highlights of the product here, too.

  • Waterproof up to 3.3 feet: The case is designed to cover all the open parts of the AirPod case. When you install the AirPod charging case into the Catalyst Case, it creates somewhat of a vacuum seal and thus makes the case airtight. Because of this, the Catalyst Case is rated IP68 – waterproof.
  • Drop-proof up to 4.0 feet: Now, of course, the case doesn’t prevent you from dropping the case, but what it will do is protect the AirPods and their charging case from collecting any damage should they fall from your hands. The case meets military drop standard 810G.
  • Easy access to Lightning port: The port is covered with sort of a trap door so that the case remains waterproof, but it’s easily accessed for charging purposes.
  • Detachable carabiner: Catalyst Case includes a lightweight, metal carabiner for you to use for attaching the case to a backpack or even the loops on your pants.

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW Glow in the Dark

The design of the case is very simple and installing it onto your AirPod case is very easy. You simply wrap it around the case until there is no slack in the silicone Catalyst Case. The opening folds down so that you can access your AirPods and it folds back over the top to keep the kit secure from the elements.

The glow-in-the-dark feature is quite a practical option for the case. Robyn’s case is a dark blue color that can easily be lost within her bags, but my glow-in-the-dark case can be spotted easily inside a bag or purse. It’s not super bright, but it is bright enough to spot in a darkened room.

Catalyst Case for AirPods REVIEW Glow in the Dark

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to use the Catalyst Case for AirPod, I am not sure how I lived without it. It really is an accessory that elevates that product to a new level.

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