I may have suffered the humiliation of an April Fools prank but you can reap the benefit of a sweet Catalyst Discount.

On this Easter Sunday, April Fools Day 2018, Catalyst truly pranked me.  I received an email announcing yet another amazing product for us Apple Lovers.  Similar to the CES Innovation Award Winning AirPod Waterproof Case, Catalyst wanted to impress the world with a waterproof, drop-proof case for the Apple HomePod.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Catalyst team at CES 2016 and was absolutely blown away by the caliber of people working for their group.  They are more than a team, more than a group of friends, they are a family.  Coupled with amazing products, this camaraderie propels Catalyst to more than just an accessory/product/brand.  These qualities are what make Catalyst one of my favorite companies.

At a price of $350, the Apple HomePod does not lend itself well to bathroom use, poolside use, or really anywhere near water.  Cost may be one of the biggest limitations of this device when I can purchase an Amazon Echo/Tap or Google home/mini for much less.  There are numerous Bluetooth water resistant speakers to take to the beach, to the pool, or near your bath.  However, what if the Apple HomePod had its own Ironman armor?  Known for their waterproof gear, I would not expect anything less from Catalyst than exceptional water and drop protection.  That is where the email got me, where my excitement trumped my logic. Catalyst went all out on this prank, creating a full sales page, link, video, and specifications.  The last time I fell for a prink like this was in 2008 with the fan made Legend of Zelda Trailer.

The specifications sounded legitimate, promising protection down to 33 feet/10 meters, double o-ring protection, Mil-STD 810G rating to 6.6 feet, and marine grade stainless steel latches.  The promise of Aquaphonics True Sound, use of Siri features, poolside enhanced bass and the design sounded absolutely fantastic.  This case promised 360-degree lock-down protection and full sound output.  Do you remember the phrase “If it sounds too good to be true?”  Again, my desire for this to be real trumped my logic.  Despite this prank, Catalyst provides some amazing gear.  It is sad that we live in a world full of knock-offs, forgeries, and copies.  Copying may seem like flattery, but in the business world, it means loss of revenue, loss of time in R&D and often cost.  Catalyst has been known for their premium lifestyle accessories and is a brand that I trust.  There may be similar items on the market but if they are not Catalyst, leave them on the shelf.

You got me Catalyst, now I want a Waterproof HomePod Case.

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