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Every time a new iPhone or any new mobile phone is released for that matter, new case designs inevitably emerge. I recently found that Case-Mate, a designer of fashion-forward cases, has some really interesting creations with this latest iPhone release. They have a very impressive line of products for all the current version of the iPhone. Most of them employ a two-layer design and adhere to military drop standards MIL-STD-810G. This makes the cases not only stylish but also incredibly protective. I’ve really enjoyed testing out Case-Mate’s cases. Here are the details of my tests.

All of the following cases feature a two-layer design. The inner layer is a bumper case that slips around the border of the phone and the outer case is a hard plastic shell. These cases are available for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and the iPhone X. I had the opportunity to try them out with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone X.

I found that the easiest way to install the case on the phone is to wrap the inner bumper around the phone first and then snap the case around the phone. Removing the case from the iPhone 7 is very easy. The inner bumper comes loose and you can pull the two sections of the case apart. With the iPhone X, it’s a much tighter fit. I actually spent several minutes trying to remove the cases from the iPhone X. I would hope that with this tight of a fit that Case-Mate would provide a tool that would allow users to safely remove the case from one’s phone.

Because the cases are meant to work with several different phone types, there is still a headphone cutout on the bottom of the phone. The buttons are very responsive and easy to use. I like that all these cases provide screen protection, too, with the raised lip from the interior bumper.

This is actually my favorite of the Case-Mate protector cases, as I like to call them. The case is somewhat reflective and has a nice, slim fit. It looks really good with my Matte Black iPhone 7 and also with the Space Gray iPhone X. The inside of the plastic shell has a nice coating to it that feels almost scratch resistant. I felt that my phone would be well-protected from inside the case as well as from the outside.

Cast-Mate Cases for iPhone REVIEW

This case wins major points for ‘wow’ factor. It’s adorned with dozens of raised jewels and sparkles quite nicely. The interior of this case is actually a full coverage bumper, which is different from some of the others in the Case-Mate line. I did notice a glue smell when I opened the case. It was quite a pungent odor, but it did dissipate after being out in the open air for a while. As pretty as this case is, it does have raised accents on it so you must exercise caution when putting the case on certain desktops. Some of the glitter did fall off of the case the more and more I used it.

Cast-Mate Cases for iPhone REVIEW

If you want something that’s subtle, but stylish, the Karat Petals case is the one to turn to. It’s protective but has the unique feature of being made with genuine pressed flowers. There are three different variations of this case design — pink, purple, and antique white. It’s a lovely case that certainly turns heads. There is another style of Case-Mate case — the Karat, which we reviewed separately. The biggest difference in these two styles is that the Karat features flecks of gold and other sparkly materials, whereas the Karat Petals has the flowers and gold instead.

Cast-Mate Cases for iPhone REVIEW

These two case styles are very interesting to me. They contain a fluid and glitter that create a brilliant snow globe effect when they are shaken up. The Waterfall Glow is supposed to glow in the dark hence the ‘glow’ added to the title. I expected a soft glow from the case, but only saw some of the select glitter in the fluid light up. The Waterfall Glow comes in two colors — Purple Glow and Pink Glow. The Waterfall case has a few more available including — Magenta, Rose Gold, Iridescent Diamond, Black, Teal, and even Junk Food.

Cast-Mate Cases for iPhone REVIEW

This case is special because it includes both a compact mirror and a small pouch that can be used as a wallet. This does, unfortunately, make the case quite a bit bulkier, but it still provides the same military protection as the other cases and like the Brilliance Brooch case, it has the full coverage bumper case. There are three color choices for this case — Black, Rose Gold, and Iridescent.

Cast-Mate Cases for iPhone REVIEW

This unique case is a throwback to the 60s and 70s when mood rings were in style. The case is treated with a temperature-changing film that actually changes colors. There is a mood list that corresponds with the different colors, but I didn’t find that it changed to anything other than dark blue. The case did change colors, but only to that one option. This case isn’t recommended for wireless charging with the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Cast-Mate Cases for iPhone REVIEW

All of the Case-Mate cases have something special to offer iPhone users. I’ve found them all to be unique and very stylish. The cases are a little higher priced than some other basic cases, but they do offer military grade protection.

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