Casio has been a major influence in watch technology over the past two decades. Today they unveil their WSD-F20 Pro Trek watch.

Starting with Mr. Yuichi Masuda. Senior Executive Managing Officer, Members. of the  Board,  Casio provided information about their latest and greatest watch.  The conference began with a brief history of Casio timepieces from the 1980’s to present time.  Fast forward to the 2000’s and Casio adapted their tech to combine analog with digital tech, GPS calibration, solar charging technologies and atomic timekeeping to create an accurate timepiece.  The latest trends include internet connectivity, device interconnectivity and making the watch smart.  Two years ago there were some significant advancements in semiconductor technology and internet technology, leading to a more interconnected device.

Casio Press Event: Introducing the Pro Trek WSD-F20

Last CES the Casio WSD-F10 was debuted and was met with fanfare.  Winning many CES Tech awards, the 50m water resistant, military standard analog-digital, Casio-Connected watch was a huge hit.  This year, they have taken the user/community comments and have made the WSD-F20, the latest model of the Casio Android Wear line.  The watch is labeled and branded as the Pro Trek Smart line.  Casio notes that consumers “expect their watch to offer more.”  Smartwatch tech has been highly present in movies and comics for the past 30 years.  From Dick Tracy to Star Wars and Star Trek and countless Bond movies, people have wanted their watches to be a part of their lives. The wrist continues to be prime real estate.

Casio Press Event: Introducing the Pro Trek WSD-F20

The latest model takes the tech from the WSD-F10 and puts it into a smaller, sleeker, and more protected shell.  It has a built-in microphone, temperature gauge, barometric sensor, altitude monitor, analog clocks, digital clocks and satellite GPS triangulation. Casio has attempted to create a smart watch with a purpose.  Their idea is you should not adjust your life to the tech, rather the tech should enhance the life you wish to live.  The watch has a dual layer LCD, 50m water resistance.  With the new tech, Casio has changed the branding to the PRO TREK name.   The size has been adjusted to be thinner without sacrifice of the previous tech.  They have included more protection in the side bezel.  Additionally, it now has a built-in satellite antenna for GPS coordinates. The high precision antenna will combine information from 3 satellites to allow for better precise course mapping and navigation.  You can download maps for offline use, if away from the signal.  With the included receiver, you should be able to utilize GPS coordinates when your smart device is struggling to stay connected.  Essentially, your smart watch will take a connected you, “where no man has gone before.”

Casio Press Event: Introducing the Pro Trek WSD-F20 Casio Press Event: Introducing the Pro Trek WSD-F20

Additional features include different map views: street, satellite, outdoor, light and dark.  The watch comes with 2 watch face designs.  You can connect devices to create a network of travelers.  See what they are doing, use the included microphone to communicate location, and to create voice memos.  Set waypoints, provide GPS navigation coordinates, set track markers on the map, create important points to return to later using the location memory feature.  Again this can be done online or offline (if the map has been previously downloaded).  Casio “Moment Link” will display the locations of the members of your group onto the watch face.  Communicate with others via “Bluetooth beacon tech.”

Casio Press Event: Introducing the Pro Trek WSD-F20

Whether you are Trekking, cycling, fishing, kayaking, skiing, or any other outdoor activity, Casio wants to keep your wrist real-estate occupied with their latest and greatest watch.  Starting April 21, 2017, you can purchase the watch for $500.  It is an android wear device with limited connectivity to IOS devices.  To utilize many of the group features, it relies on the others having the Casio WSD-F20 watch and android phones.   The watch is beautiful and very appealing but is likely out of the price range of the average consumer.  For the price, you can likely buy two used Apple Watches or other current generation smart watches.  For the outdoor enthusiast, this is more rugged and outdoor friendly.

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