A case worth looking at.

When I get a new phone I like to be prepared with a new case. I never go ‘case-naked’ with my phones because it’s too great of risk that something might happen to the device. So, I spend time searching for the ideal case. For me, that is one that is lightweight, functional, easy to handle, and looks great. All of these qualities were captured with the Casely Land & Sea Marble Swirl iPhone Case. 


The Land & Sea Marble Swirl iPhone Case from Casely refers to the color design of the case. They offer it in both the ‘classic’ and ‘bold (ultra protection) versions of their cases. The version of the case that I have is the Bold model. Casely classifies the Bold case as ‘very protective’ and ‘medium’ weight. It features 8’ military grade drop protection, shock absorbing air pockets, a slip resistant side grip, and a 3mm ultra-raised front lip protection. The case has a 1-year product warranty attached to it and it is wireless charging compatible. The Land & Sea Marble Swirl iPhone Case is designed to provide a contemporary take on the classic contrast between the land and the sea. It features blue and pink swirls in an asymmetrical pattern. 

Casely Bold Land and Sea iPhone Case REVIEW


The case is shipped in a simple product box. It has a clear window on the front of the box to allow potential users to be able to see the colorful design of the case. There are minimal details available on the outside of the box, but it is clearly marked and it’s quite obvious what the product is from the look of the box. 

As I mentioned above, there are a few factors I look at when choosing a case for my phones: weight, functionality, ease of handling, and style. It is under these areas that I will be grading my experience with the Casely Land & Sea Marble Swirl iPhone Case. First of all, I want to comment on the style. The colorful design is the reason I chose this case above others. It’s unique swirl pattern really make it a standout case for me in the style category. 

Casely Bold Land and Sea iPhone Case REVIEW

The case is a little bit heavier than others I’ve tried out in the past. This is no doubt due to the protective features of the case. Normally, a heavy case would be a negative, but since it’s ‘beefed up’ for the protection of the iPhone, I applaud the heft of the Land & Sea Marble Swirl iPhone Case. Despite its larger nature, the case is very easy to handle. Casely designed the case with side grips so there is less chance of the phone slipping out of your hands. I find it very comfortable and haven’t had any issues with gripping the case. 

As far as function goes, the case does a great job of protecting the iPhone. Within a few minutes of placing the case on the phone, I ended up dropping it. Fortunately, the fall wasn’t very far, but I was still very nervous about this incident since I had a brand new phone. The case did its job and I was very grateful for the impact protection the case provides. I also really like that the case has a pronounced lip on the front for screen protection. There are so many cases that are trying to be minimalist and slim that some of the most important features of a protective case gets overlooked. I am very much appreciative of the time and care the designers at Casely did to bring this case to market. 

Casely Bold Land and Sea iPhone Case REVIEW


Casely makes a great case. They have several different styles, but I recommend the Bold version of their cases so that you have the added protection. When I was selecting my case, I was blown away by the amount of choices there were for color/style. I think that Casely will have what you want if y ou give them a chance. 

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