Caseco Mountie – World’s Smallest Vent Car Mount

One of the things I hate the most about my GPS is the circle of dirt left by the suction cup on my windshield, also, it’s old… so when presented with the opportunity to write a review on a vent car mount, I grabbed and have decided to never, never ever, never ever ever look back.

The Caseco Mountie is a tiny little plastic, spring loaded magnetized hook that snaps into your airflow vents in your vehicle, and a separate little coin sized metal disk that attaches to your phone via an industrial strength 3M adhesive.

So my very first impression was, “I hope I don’t have another trip to the E.R. on my hands…”  Not very long ago, my two year old son swallowed a penny, and it was lodged in his throat, thus requiring a 7 hour trip to the hospital so that they could wait long enough to put him under anesthesia and pull the penny out of his throat through his mouth.

Caseco Mountie Car Mount Review

I knew that the 3M adhesive would be strong, but the back of my cell phone case is textured, and I was not sure how the air flow under the disk would affect its capabilities. But with the adhesive on this metal disk, there is no way that I have to worry about that sucker popping off.  It is on there for life!  Which is, for the sake and safety of my two year old, a very good thing.

An additional feature of the metal disk is that it has a geometric design on it, so it doesn’t look like you went to the hardware store and purchased a washer and stuck it to the back of your phone.  It looks dimensional, or hologramed, and like a little piece of phone jewelry.

The plastic hook was very easy to install in my car vents.  Just push until it snaps and it’s in.  It’s also easy to remove and put into any other vehicle, which makes this car mount very versatile, and easily transferable from one vehicle to another.  However, I would still recommend purchasing two of these “Mountie’s” because if you have two vehicles, chances are that you have two drivers, and you’ll want one in each.

Caseco Mountie Car Mount Review

I’ll use my situation as an example… I could easily transfer the hook from one vehicle to the other, but the metal disk is on the back of my phone, and if my husband needs to use his phone’s GPS when I’m not in the vehicle with him, then he’ll need his own metal hook.  You can purchase additional metal disks on the Caseco website (a two pack for $9.99), but what if I need to take my eldest son to a track meet in another city on the same day that my husband has to use his phone GPS?  Two Mountie’s would do the trick better than just purchasing additional metal disks.

However, I also like to switch up my cell phone cases, so purchasing additional metal disks has its advantages too.  Like I said before, unless you’re applying denatured alcohol and prying the disk up with a flat head screwdriver, it is not coming up (and if you did that, you would ruin the adhesive anyway, so you would not be able to apply it to a different case).

Caseco Mountie Car Mount Review

Ok, so that’s enough about the design and why you should definitely buy more than one.  Let’s talk about functionality.  When I put the hook in my vents and placed the metal disk on the back of my phone, I thought that the weight of my phone would break the magnetic connection.  Sometimes when two magnets click, trying to pull them apart is next to impossible, and I didn’t get that feel with this magnetic connection.  Come to think of it, when I pulled my phone off of the magnetic hook in my vent, it wasn’t hard to remove at all…  But I drove a good 30 miles that day with my phone not budging from the position in which I had placed it.   Rotation is easy as well, with just a tug of a finger, you can rotate your phone from a “portrait” (up and down) position to a “landscape” (side to side) position, to a diagonal position, should you choose.  Every time that I have gotten in my car since I got this product, as soon as I put my phone up to the hook in my vent, it stays as I put it.

Caseco Mountie Car Mount Review

I cannot find a flaw with this little gadget, it’s simplicity and functionality are supreme.  I just wish I had then when I had to take my eldest son to an appointment at the University of Louisville.  My phone hanging out in my cup holder, navigating directions to me was not ideal.  I’m just glad that I have this little nugget of pure genius now!!

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