CASECO Braided Lightning cable is a sturdy cable for charging that compliments my rose gold iPhone 7 Plus

If you are a long time Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod user, you are probably aware that the charging cables cannot withstand heavy use.  My favorite charging cables are the ones that are braided because they tend to last longer and in the long run saves me money.  The CASECO is a pretty braided cable that matches my phone color and not only looks nice but works very well.

CASECO Braided Lightning Cable REVIEW

The CASECO rose gold braided lightning cable looks very nice, especially if you have a rose gold iPhone.  The company does have other color options available to match the other iPhone colors.  The cable I have is 1 meter, which is a standard lightning cable length.  The diameter is 2.8mm and the bulk of it is composed of braided nylon.  The two ends have the standard lightning cable on one side and the other is USB.  One thing I like about this charger and stands out is that it comes with a velcro cable organizing strap.  The strap comes in handy when I’m using it at my desk and I can hook it on to something to prevent it from falling behind the desk to the floor.

CASECO Braided Lightning Cable REVIEW

Braided cables are a must have item for my car.  Many cables have split and worn out from the constant use, falling to the floor, accidentally shutting my door on them etc.  The CASECO braided cable has the durability that I need that ensures I’m not consistently needing to repurchase cables.  I have had no difficulty with charging my iPad Mini 2 and my iPhone 7 Plus with this cable.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this cable and I feel it’s going to last me a long time.

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