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This past weekend, my two sons and I took a man-cation for a fun-filled day in Nashville, Tennessee.  Walking into Build-A-Bear looking for the light/night fury dragons from the latest “How to Train a Dragon” movie, it struck me how gender-specific the store appeared.  Interestingly, when we asked if they had any other characters, the attendant noted that there were more online, but in-store, they catered to younger females.  Although disappointed, my ten-year-old fell in love with an Eevee Pokemon and my seven-year-old picked out a blue bear with a Hot Wheels racing uniform.  Even though there were few boyish bears for them to select, I realized that the options were not chosen to be hateful, nor genderist.  This choice was not newsworthy, as it was simply a business decision.  As I thought about this instance further, it became more clear that the technology world favors the male gender.  My sister-in-law just got an iPhone X and she asked, “Do you know about any pretty cases?”  I suggested a few options and she reaffirmed her previous question.  When I showed her the Case-Mate Twinkle Case, with Iridescent Sparkle Effect, she said “that’s it, that’s the one.”

Case-Mate Twinkle iPhone Case REVIEW

The Case-Mate Twinkle iPhone X case arrived in a 4 5/16 inches wide by 7 1/16 inches tall by 3/4 inches thick white retail package.  The cover was adorned with a centrally located 5 13/16 inches tall by 3-inches wide clear-plastic window.  The clear plastic window was rimmed with a 1/16 inches wide iridescent purple accent measuring 3 11/16 inches wide by 6 7/16 inches tall. Along the top right, you will see a 1-inch diameter iridescent circle detailing the “10 FOOT DROP PROTECTION.”  Located about 4-inches from the top of the case, Case-Mate created a “TWINKLE” font bridge of cardboard across the clear window.  This feature was visibly appealing and added to the overall feel of the case.  Each side displayed casemate in cursive script, the top had a black plastic hanging tab and the bottom displayed a few of the typical product labs, an SKU sticker and a 5/8 inches wide by 3/8 inches tall nylon pull-tab.  The back panel proved to be the most useful of the packaging.  Casemate was scripted in cursive across the top, “10 FOOT DROP PROTECTION”was written below this and then there were six labelled icons.  These icons detailed the shock absorbing corners, “iridescent sparkle effect,” “one-piece seamless design,” “flexible sides for enhanced grip,” “shock absorbing materials,” and “metallic buttons.”  Lastly, they provided information about the limited warranty, listed their website address and icons to facebook, twitter and instagram.  With iridescent accents, a clear view into the sparkly case, and easy to understand icons/text, Case-Mate struck packaging gold. 

Case-Mate Twinkle iPhone Case REVIEW

My sister-in-law excitedly slid the inner tray downward and removed the 1.9 ounces, 5 3/4 inches tall by 3-inches wide by 7/16 inches thick Twinkle Case.  She slid the right edge of her iPhone X (volume toggle/volume buttons) and then walked her thumbs around the outer aspect of the case.  She immediately fell in love with the iridescent gold/purple coloration.  Like facets of a diamond, when we held the shell directly in the light, it beautifully shimmered/twinkled.  When we allowed the light to reflect at an angle, the case beautifully sparkled a violet/amethyst color.  More than a pretty shell, the Twinkle case provided plenty of protective features. From precision cutouts for the volume toggle, lightning port, speakers, and camera to the attractive cursive “casemate” along the bottom, Case-Mate repeatedly demonstrated a desire to protect your phone. The metallic power button was easy to depress and proved to be quite responsive, unlike some of the other phone cases that we have tested. Many of the competitor’s cases have soft buttons that feel squishy and lack responsiveness.  The Case-Mate Twinkle case volume up/down and power buttons were firm and easy to utilize. None of those features would matter if the user was unable to charge their phone. Luckily, the lower lightning port provided adequate space to accommodate any Lightning cable that you wanted to utilize. 

Case-Mate Twinkle iPhone Case REVIEW

While testing the Twinkle Case, we only suffered a single drop.  As she attempted to place her iPhone X into her purse, it missed the pocket and fell about three feet onto my hardwood floor.  The lower corner of the case/phone bounced off of the hard surface and the iPhone landed on the back panel. Although we could not verify the 10 Foot Drop Protection claim, the drop simulated a real case scenario. Combining military-grade drop protection, a single-piece design, responsive metallic buttons, precision cutouts, and scratch resistant surface with reflective foil elements, the Twinkle Case exceeded my sister-in-laws every expectation. Truthfully, it appeared that Case-Mate designed their Twinkle Case specifically for her.

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