Affordable case accessory adds wallet feature for users.

Even though I typically keep my phone in a case, I really appreciate products that have more than one purpose. I get that with the wallet case. Wallet cases not only provide much-needed protection for my phone, but they also give me a place to store my most needed credit cards and IDs. The only issue I tend to have with wallet cases is their versatility. In my research, I’ve found three main types of wallet case. The first is a closed-cover folio case that has a wallet on the inside of the front flap. The second type is a pocket on the back of the case. The final style is the trapdoor case. With this case, the cards are hidden inside a compartment within the case.

Case-Mate Pocket Case Accessory REVIEW

In order to use any of these cases, you are bound by the product designers’ ideas of what an ideal case is. This is a real shame in my opinion because I become attached to many of the cases I use and I don’t want to be constantly switching back and forth in order to be able to carry essential items on me. Fortunately, Case-Mate has a wonderful solution with their Pocket accessories for mobile phones.

Case-Mate Pockets are a convenient add-on to your favorite case or phone that features two card slots to hold your credit/debit cards and IDs. Pockets are designed to work with smooth finish phone cases and give you a chance to continue using your favorite case with an added feature. The Pocket is made out of what seems like vinyl and polyester and it’s available in many, many different colors. The Pocket attaches to your phone case via the 3M adhesive. This is a permanent adhesive and if you choose to remove the Pocket from your case, you won’t be able to stick it to your case again.

Case-Mate Pocket Case Accessory REVIEW

The Pocket comes in a simple, branded box from Case-Mate. The only item in the box is the Pocket itself. There are no instructions included, but it’s a very easy process. You simply peel the backing off the 3M adhesive and then adhere it to the phone case. The Pockets are meant to work with any phone size, but they seem to work best with the smaller form phones. I have an iPhone 7 and my Pocket is the ideal size for that phone.

At the time of writing this review, I’m quite taken with a wireless charging case for the iPhone 7. Since I chose not to upgrade this year, I have found that I can still experience the ease of wireless charging by using a special charging case. So, I was curious if after I stuck the Pocket to this case if I would be able to continue using the wireless charging capabilities. Unfortunately, it does not. I believe the material is just too thick to allow the signal through to the case.

Case-Mate Pocket Case Accessory REVIEW

Other than that issue, I was very impressed with how well the Pocket stuck to my chosen case and how easy it was to remove when I decided it was time to do so. The card slots are loose enough to be able to easily pull your cards out, but not so loose that the cards fall out on their own. I have only been using this Pocket for a few days, but I’ve seen that other users have seen the finish on their Pockets fade with more and more use. I believe that Case-Mate priced the Pocket appropriately at $15 because if it wears out, you can replace it without breaking the bank.

If you are like me and like to stick with certain cases but want the functionality of a wallet case, give Case-Mate’s Pockets a try. They are a unique way to add personality to your case while providing an added feature to your case.

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