Tough case for iPhone made with real mother of pearl.

Every fall I start looking at new cases for the iPhone. Even if I don’t upgrade my phone, I’m still intrigued about the new designs that come out. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Case-Mate, a phone case designer. They create unique, tough cases for mobile phones that are hard to beat. A few months ago, I did end up with a new iPhone and after perusing the options available, I chose to try out the Karat case for the iPhone 11 Pro.

The Karat case is aptly named to describe the sparkle and shine that is encased on the back of the product. The product’s web page actually uses the following text to describe the design.

How many karats does one girl need? Answer: just this one!

Case-Mate goes on to state that this case is inspired by the chic lucite handbags from the 1950s. At first, I thought it was a bit gaudy, but the coloring and the build have really caused the case to grow on me. The case comes with a lifetime warranty and features 10-foot drop protection. While I have done an official drop-test with the case, I have accidentally dropped my phone while in the Karat case and my phone did not receive any damage. The case is a little thicker than some iPhone cases out there, but it is still wireless charging compatible.


There is only one color available – Pearl – but the case actually takes on the color of the iPhone it’s protecting. The main part of the case is transparent so you can see the color through the glitter and the other embellishments inside the case. Case-Mate designed the Karat with anti-scratch technology and I can say after using it for a couple of weeks that it’s held up very well. The buttons (refined metallic) are very easy to press.

Even though it retails for $50 (via Case-Mate’s website), I think this is still a worthwhile investment. The case is sturdy and it’s easy to install or remove your phone from it. I never had any problems tucking the phone away in my purse or even in the back pocket of my jeans. I would have no problem recommending the Karat case to friends or family.

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