With the Holidays quickly approaching, you’re probably already scrambling to find gifts for your friends that are as great as they are. Here are some of the best options for everyone from your best friend to office buddy.  

For the friend who’s obsessed with their Air Pods: Case-Mate Hook Ups

Available on Amazon starting at $19.99

Protect your Air Pods from scratches and scrapes with our new stylish case designs. Hook Ups cases come with an Earbud strap and circular ring clip to easily hook it on to your bag, belt loop or keys to avoid losing your Air Pods while traveling. Available in over 20 different styles, like solid colors, leather, Creature Pods, and sheer crystal finishes, as well as special design collaborations with Kodak and Prabal Gurung, making these perfect for anyone!  (Left to right: Aqua Blue, Brown Leather, Spike Creature Pods, Crystal Blush, Kodak x Case-Mate Matte Black, Prabal Gurung Logo Black)  

For the friend who lives through Snapchat and Selfies: Smartish Prop Tart

Available on Amazon for $9.99 

Ideal for one-handed texting and stable selfies. After all, who’s got time to set their drink down? It’s perfect for a night out or a day in. Versatile enough to prop your phone up for Netflix & Chill and slide back into your pocket more easily than you slide into DMs! And let’s be honest–we all know videos weren’t meant to be seen in vertical mode. Plastic kickstands break too easily, and knobs are too bulky. Say hi to the slim and sturdy Prop Tart by Smartish. Currently available in Black Tie Affair, with more colors coming soon! 

For the friend with no purse and no pockets: Smartish Dancing Queen

Available on Amazon for $29.99  

We’ve all been there: out on the town, ready to have a good time… with no pockets and nowhere to put your purse or cell phone. Cut to the Dancing Queen! She’s as fabulous as she sounds–a multi-tasker that securely stores your evening out essentials in one place: cards, ID, cash, lip gloss/chapstick, eCig, and iPhone–all while serving as a crossbody or wristlet. Adjustable strap and removable wristlet promise just the right fit so you can rock your look wherever the night takes you without having to worry about dropping your phone. Rest assured that Dancing Queen’s got you–so be your footloose and fancy-free self.(Left to Right: Stiletto Black/Silver, Stiletto Black/Gold, and Bath Bomb Blue)  


For the friend whose phone is always dead: Case-Mate Power Bank

Available on Amazon currently on sale for $35.99 

We all have the friend who needs to borrow a charger or is rationing their 5% battery to make it through the night… But this portable charger is slim, lightweight, fast charging, and available in 3 distinct finishes to match whatever style you’re sporting- it’s the whole package! Using the USB charging cable for your device, plug the USB end into your Power Pack and the charging tip into your device and press the power on button. The LED lights will continue to display the amount of charge remaining as the Power Pack charges your device…super-fast. Available in Iridescent (shown), Twinkle Stardust, and Black.  

For the friend who can’t stand boring cases – New Releases and Collaborations from Case-Mate

Available on Amazon iPhone 1111 Pro, and 11 Pro Max cases $19.99-$59.99 

From camo to colorful, Case-Mate has you covered. Eye-catching and protective, all of Case-Mate’s cases offer 10-foot drop protection and even the waterfall cases support wireless charging. Case-Mate uses premium materials protected with scratch-resistant coating to ensure high-quality, durable cases. They even use fruit in their Tough Juice cases and real ink droplets in their Tough Watercolor cases, so no two are exactly alike, and certified safe mineral oil in all waterfall cases. (Left to right: Tough Camo, Tough Groove, Tie-Dye DIY Rainbow, Tough Summer Berries, Tough Watercolor, Confetti Waterfall, Kodak x Case-Mate Kodachrome Super 8, Prabal Gurung Gold Waterfall)