Case Logic Huxton Laptop Sleeve is the perfect fit for the MacBook Pro.

One of my favorite types of accessories is carrying cases and bags. They just add such a layer of individuality and style to your tech devices. For me, it’s a little difficult sometimes to find just the right size since I have a 13” MacBook Pro. It’s a smaller form laptop, but not so small that the ultra slim laptop bags work well for me. The other issue I have aside from the size of the laptop is the amount of stuff I carry with me. I’m one of ‘those’ people who carries their entire life right along with them. Because of this fact, I have to have a larger bag. When you have a larger bag, the smaller laptop slides around quite a bit. That’s where this wonderful laptop sleeve from Case Logic shines.

The Huxton laptop sleeve was made especially to work with the MacBook Pro series of notebook. And because it’s a sleeve, it is custom fit for specific sizes. This laptop sleeve is a part of the larger Huxton line of products that Case Logic offers. It’s made out of a durable polyester material and includes an outside zippered pocket for small accessories. The Huxton laptop sleeve comes in two colors – black or blue – and either option is heathered to add a sense of style and  even offers an added layer of protection for the fabric itself. With the fabric being interwoven, it’s guaranteed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Case Logic Huxton Laptop Sleeve Review

In my opinion, the laptop sleeve is a utilitarian device that is meant to do one job – protect. A good one should have two main features – sturdy padding and a secure closure. Right away, the Huxton laptop sleeve had two check marks in the positive column. The padding in the sleeve is more than adequate and it’s got a zippered closure that runs about three-quarters around the sleeve. To me, this is ideal because it means you don’t have to fight with the sleeve in order to get your laptop into it.

Case Logic Huxton Laptop Sleeve ReviewSo, how does it function? Well, I personally wouldn’t carry it exclusively without any main bag. The main reason for that is because the power adapter for my laptop is much too large to fit into the sleeve comfortably. I tend to keep my extension cable permanently connected to the power adapter and as such, I need a bit more room for my laptop’s accessories. The sleeve fits the MacBook Pro 13” perfectly. There is about a half inch of clearance, which is perfect because it makes it easy to slide the laptop in and out of the sleeve.

The Huxton laptop sleeve is an ideal option for protecting your MacBook Pro and other 13-inch slim laptops. It’s got remarkable style and form to match it.

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