Carousel Shift leaves something to be desired for a free game.

Carousel Shift is a game in which you try to stack like pieces on four rotating vertical rods. Different levels dictate how many and what kind of pieces you need in order to score points. The first is color, the second the same except all the colors are off-white, the third is shapes, the fourth is flags, etc. If you stack pieces correctly, they disappear and make room for more to fall. If they get stacked up so high that more cannot fall, you lose. If you’re about to lose but just need the next piece to clear off a section, there are Jokers, which are pieces that can clear a rod. These also infrequently show up in the wild while playing, but while reviewing, I only came across one. You can also earn these by watching video ads.

Carousel Shift iOS Game REVIEW Carousel Shift iOS Game REVIEW

It’s free and it’s obvious, what with fifteen unique levels, that effort was put into this game’s development. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it entertaining. Honestly, if this were just a game I downloaded instead of something I was reviewing, I don’t think I would have played more than two rounds. I mean, if you’re curious, go for it. Not everyone has the same taste, of course, but there wasn’t anything particularly exciting or novel about Carousel Shift for me, and I feel like I get into games like this fairly easily.

Carousel Shift iOS Game REVIEW Carousel Shift iOS Game REVIEW

One of the things that ruined it for me was the fact that the rods are more difficult to control than absolutely necessary. The carousel has four rods, each with five places for stackable pieces. The whole thing rotates by spinning the wheel at the base, and each individual level rotates as well, which is nice. But it’s often difficult to spin exactly what you want because, well, touch screen…small pieces…you know. And I’m playing on a Plus.

Overall, I think there are better free games to go with.

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