Environmentally-friendly bed sheets bring the resort-feel back home.

Technology comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. I think most people think of technology as something having to do with computer coding or electronics. The truth is the real definition of technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. To that end, techniques developed to help the environment could be considered technology and that’s why we decided to include a review of Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets from Cariloha on MacSources. Even though bed sheets might seem like the furthest thing from what should be on a technology-based review website, the fact that they are made from bamboo makes them special.


The Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets are designed to give the user a stress-free feeling of a beach resort vacation. The sheets have a sateen finish with box-stitch seams. They feature extra-deep pockets so they can fit on any style of mattress – even pillowtop mattresses. They are also 3 degrees cooler than non bamboo fabrics and have thermal-regulating properties to help users keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo also has odor and allergy-resistant properties so they stay fresher longer than standard sheets. Finally, bamboo is considered a renewable resource since the plants are the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo can grow 1-4 inches in one day and it regrows very quickly after being cut down. In fact, the plant’s health is improved by cutting so it can be re-harvested every three years without any harmful effects to the environment. The sheets have been constructed to maximize softness and also stay lightweight, breathable, and strong. The resort sheets are 400-thread count and claim to surpass the softness and durability of the 1,000-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

The Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets are available for Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King. I want to make a note here that the “Split King” refers to a mattress that is essentially two twin size mattresses separated on a king frame. We have a Sleep Number bed and while the mattress is technically ‘split’ it’s not a full split. It’s called a Flextop. I only mention this since we originally thought the split sheets would work with our Flextop King. It did not, but we utilized the other parts of the set. The Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets come in a variety of colors including White, Blush, Harbor Gray, Blue Lagoon, Onyx, Coconut Milk, Ocean Mist, and Stone.


The sheets arrived in a very nice heavy-weight box. When you open the top, which includes a magnetic closure, you will see a fairly standard sheet package. The set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. As I mentioned above, if you order the Split King size sheets you will actually have two separate fitted sheets that are approximately the size of twin mattresses. The first thing I noticed right away was the color. We ordered the Blue Lagoon option. The color is a gorgeous shade of deep blue. It’s almost a mix between a blue-gray and a navy blue. I wasn’t sure how dark it was going to be, but when they arrived, I instantly fell in love with the color.

Upon taking the set out of the box, we discovered the two split fitted sheets and realized our blunder with our order. Despite the mistake, we ended up still using the flat sheet and the pillowcases. The material is incredibly soft. We are used to using a variety of sheets that usually include Egyptian cotton and other blended materials. The sateen feel of the Cariloha sheets is really remarkable and feels very luxurious. I will say this though – they are slick. Before using the sheets, we had just purchased a new pillow. The pillow’s covering was very slick and after one night of using the bamboo sheets, the pillowcase slid right off of the new pillow. This didn’t seem to be an issue for other pillows we had, but something to be aware of.

One issue we tend to fight with a lot throughout the night is temperature. Since these sheets have thermal-regulation built into them, we thought it might help us out a bit as we slept. Unfortunately, we don’t think we really saw the benefits of this feature since we couldn’t use the fitted sheet with our bed. That said, the flat sheet was very nice and did seem to help some and the pillowcases definitely stayed cool throughout the night. We did have one other issue to overcome with using these sheets. We use a BedJet with our bed. That system employs a special type of sheet to evenly distribute the warm or cool air that is being pushed out by the fan. Even though the fan can operate without the special sheet, it doesn’t work as well and because of that we don’t recommend using these sheets with the BedJet. There are other heating/cooling systems for beds out there and the Cariloha sheets might work fine with them.


The Cariloha Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets are a very nice addition to any home’s sheet collection. They are a premium style bed sheet, but given that they are made with an environmentally-friendly material and process, it’s worth the premium price in my book. If you are looking for a luxurious night’s sleep, try adding the Cariloha sheets to your bed.

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