Protect your self from being stranded with portable power.

Car Jump Starter and External Battery Review 3When it comes to having external portable battery power, I’m sort of obsessed. I have a bunch of different size batteries for charging my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad, but one I have never had was a battery that could charge my iOS devices and jumpstart my car. Well that was until I received the Elivebuy Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter External Battery.

As they call it “the Swiss Army Knife of portable power,” it’s an insanely strong battery made to stay charged in standby time for 3-6 Months. With a capacity of 10500 mah and at least 1000+ Charge Cycles. They say you can charge an iPhone 6 almost five times or jump start your vehicle up to 10 times on a single charge. I was able to charge my iPhone 6 Plus five times and it still had a bit of power left.

Car Jump Starter and External Battery Review 4As for as jumping my car, I lucked out while reviewing this battery because my SUV is suffering from a completely dead battery and I’ve been driving my truck. Maybe lack of time has kept me from going to get a new battery, but the situation worked out by giving me a way to try out this battery’s jump start ability. I can happily say it works and works very well. I did not test it ten times in a row because that would be silly, but I can say it allowed me to turn the SUV over without any hesitation.

Car Jump Starter and External Battery Review 6The battery comes with a nice plastic box to carry it around and different charging cables. From the old 30-pin adapter to the new Lightning cables for iOS to the Jumpstart cables for the car – this kit as it all in a nice and compact case.

Some of the built-in protection features include:

  • UL Certified High Quality Li-ploymer Battery
  • Protection: The jumper cable has four built-in rectifiers to prevent voltage feedback from coming back into the Jump Starter once a vehicle engine has successfully started. The reason for this design is to prevent the device from catching on fire.

Car Jump Starter and External Battery Review 7This is an awesome product and I’m super happy to have it to add to my collection of portable power.

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