Remarkable, sturdy car mount great for a multitude of uses.

Not so long ago, I didn’t care so much for car mounts. I remember about 10 years ago that I added my first car mount and it was for my GPS. The small baseball-sized device mounted via ball joint to a suction cup designed for the windshield. It held…most of the time. When conditions were too hot or too cold, sometimes the suction would dissipate and the mount would fall. Fortunately, car mounts have come quite a long way since then.

Capio 2 Universal Car Mount Review 2

Until I was introduced to this latest mount from TYLT, I was primarily using a vent mount for my phone. It’s a simple design concept and doesn’t take up much space. This was something that turned me off from larger mounts and why I’ve stayed away from them for so long. The Capio 2 Universal Car Mount from TYLT has really had a strong impact on me and my daily commute to and from work.

So, what’s so great about this mount? First of all, it uses micro-gel suction as it’s method of attachment to the interior of your car. This was immediately a selling point in my mind because it doesn’t limit you to adhering it just to your windshield. That was, of course, the first test I did. I stuck the mount to my windshield and found it adequate, but not exceptional. It actually wasn’t until I moved the mount to my control console (where all the knobs are for my climate control) that I really took a liking to the Capio Universal Mount.

Capio 2 Universal Car Mount Review 3

The mount is ‘universal’ and fits phone up to 6 inches in width. That means even the larger ‘phablet’ style phones will rest easy within Capio. It also works well with smaller phones that are housed inside cases. Capio is designed so that a user can remove or place the phone into it with one hand. At first, I didn’t think I believed that would be possible, but sure enough, with the quick release button on the back of the mount plate, you can easily grab your phone at a moment’s notice.

One other great feature of this mount is the very gentle, fluid rotation that it provides for adjusting your viewing angle. Again, with one hand you can easily move your phone so that it’s easiest for you to use while in your vehicle (note – we don’t recommend using your phone while the car is in motion).

Capio 2 Universal Car Mount Review 4

Capio has really impressed me at every turn. The most impressive point to this device is actually how sturdy it is. After installing it on the console, I’ve not noticed any and I mean ANY jiggling or shaking of the mount while the car is in motion. This is truly remarkable in my opinion.

I really wasn’t sure how I would like the Capio Universal Car Mount, but I’m so glad that I have it now as a part of my car traveling system. One other really nice feature of this device is because it’s ‘universal’, I can also use it for my new GPS device while is about the size of my iPhone 6.

Capio 2 Universal Car Mount Review 5

This is a great car mount and I look forward to using it for many days to come.

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