Lockdown the security of your webcam with Camera Lock.

CameraLock-1Have you ever sat down at your computer and thought someone might be watching you? If the answer is no, then you could be mistaken.

Your webcam can be compromised and you could be the entertainment of someone on the other end of your camera.

You might say, “Well, I’d know because the green light on my Mac would light up,” but that’s not necessarily the case. Some software can turn off the green LED and allow the person to remotely connect without you ever knowing.

Last year on ABC TV’s show SharkTank, entrepreneur, CJ Isakow created a device to secure users from this very dilemma. That device is called Eyebloc. We did a review on it here.

The problem with something like this is that it is cumbersome. So, we have a problem. What is the answer for the Mac?

Today I was introduced to Camera Lock. This Mac app is designed for one purpose and that is to turn off your webcam. Camera Lock will also warn you when someone or something is activating your camera. Camera Lock does work with both the internal iSight camera and external webcams.

CameraLock-4Camera Lock works like this. You start up Camera Lock and the app locks down your webcam keeping it from being turned on by any software even FaceTime. You can simply turn it off from the Menu bar. When it’s been turned off, it goes into alert mode. This allows you to use your camera, but the software monitors for third party software that might try to access your camera. It will also flash the green LED of your camera to let you know if something has turned on your webcam. This is a great option in case you forgot to turn Camera Lock back on.

CameraLock-3Camera Lock even keeps a log of times your webcam was accessed or turned on and shows the times it has happened. One feature I would like to see in future versions is an option to export logged information – even just the ability to email myself. Just incase I notice something, I would be able to keep track of those times for my records.

CameraLock-2Camera Lock is in the Mac App Store on version 1.1 and is currently being sold for $2.99. Camera Lock normally is sold for $4.99.

If you’re a security buff or just want to keep someone from watching you, this app is a must have.
One thing you will need to remember about Camera Lock is that it can only protect you so much. Keep it updated and remember if your OS updates or new malicious code advances, hackers could get past it. Camera Lock is a wonderful preventive, but nothing beats not doing anything stupid in-front of your webcam.

Find out more by visiting the developer lockyourcamera.com