Nightingale, World’s First Smart Home Sleep System – The world leader in commercial sound masking introduces its first consumer product to help users sleep better every night.

Cambridge Sound Management Inc., the global leader in commercial sound masking and speech privacy solutions, today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Nightingale, the world’s first smart home sleep system. Designed by acoustic experts and audio engineers, Nightingale will be the most effective and technically advanced sleep system on the market.

Nightingale’s dual units work in tandem to immerse the room in perfectly tuned sound blankets, which mask disruptive noises that interrupt sleep. Unlike traditional white noise machines, Nightingale takes into account a room’s architecture (wood floors or carpet, windows, etc.) and utilizes the walls to reflect one of its 15 soothing sound blankets into the space. This creates uniform, even sound coverage and ensures the brain cannot localize on the source of the sound, a common shortcoming of most white noise machines.

The speakers are controlled via the Nightingale app (iOS and Android), or any web browser, and integrate with many smart home products and platforms, including Alexa and IFTTT. With a slim design and dual pass-through wall plugs, the speakers easily fit behind furniture and don’t take up valuable outlet space. Nightingale also offers built-in nightlights, which can be changed to one of four colors via the app.

Christopher Calisi, Cambridge Sound Management’s CEO, said: “We are proven leaders in the commercial sound masking space and are excited to bring our industry-leading technology to consumers with Nightingale. Studies show that over one in four Americans don’t get enough sleep, something that’s associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Our goal with Nightingale is to change that and ensure people everywhere get the sleep they need to live a happy, productive life.”

Cambridge Sound Management hopes to raise $100,000 in 30 days; early bird backers can get Nightingale for $149 ($100 off MSRP) and the product is scheduled to ship in February 2017.

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