A calendar and scheduling app that lacks customization options.

Calinsight is a calendar and scheduling app for Mac.

I’m going to be honest and say that I am definitely not the target audience for this app. I strongly prefer pen and paper scheduling and always keep my to-do notebook nearby, and I’ve touched my Mac/iPhone calendars maybe three times total. Therefore, in testing this application for review, I had to add a bunch of events and reminders to my calendar all at once, so my experience with some of the features that accumulate data over time (the “insight” part of Calinsight) is a tad lacking.

So with those disclaimers in mind, let us continue.

Calinsight for Mac REVIEW

Calinsight hangs out on your desktop toolbar as a little calendar (go figure). There isn’t much special about it, really. You can easily add events and reminders into the calendar and view these in the Calendar Set, Event Dashboard, or Reminder Dashboard. The first shows everything you have on the calendar for the month. The others are more geared toward their specific data sets and show graphs of number/type of event or reminder (and in the latter case, if they have been checked off) on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. As I mentioned earlier, the longer-term features in the dashboards haven’t been as thoroughly tested, but they are supposed to be useful for habit tracking.

Calinsight for Mac REVIEW

Calinsight syncs with your iCloud calendar, which is one plus. But, harsh truth time, I don’t find this app at all useful. This, again, is coming from someone who generally dislikes calendar apps. But if I were to use one, it wouldn’t be this. I found it overly simplistic, which is good only for quickly looking over your to-dos. It is definitely not a standalone sort of thing, and since it mainly works with the native calendar apps on your devices and iCloud, I feel like it would be much easier to just use those if you’re so inclined. Additionally, your schedule is an intensely personal thing, and I think any calendar application should be able to accommodate different organizational styles, which Calinsight doesn’t. There are little to no customization options.

All in all, I don’t like Calinsight, and I don’t recommend it. There are better free applications out there.

DOWNLOAD – Calinsight – $12.99 – Mac

For more information, visit magusinc.com/calinsight.