Exemplary backpack for laptops, tablets, and organization.

Calibre Origin Laptop Backpack Review 3For many years now, my laptop bag of choice has been a backpack. I’ve tried many different styles of laptop bags including a rolling laptop bag, briefcase, and messenger style bags. Each have their own special features and positive options, but for me, a backpack is just the easiest way to go. For my job, I have a distance to walk to get into the building and when I travel, it’s just easier to put everything into a backpack. The one I was using had been overused and is well past its prime. I was ready for a fresh, new look in a functional backpack. That’s how I found the Calibre Origin Backpack from Hex.

There are a lot of cool features of the Calibre Origin Backpack. It has everything from a faux fur lined exterior tablet pocket to ample storage space in the main compartment. It’s a backpack that is made for the professional. It’s got very smooth lines and a sleek look to it. One of the things I really like about it is that it is mainly constructed with coated canvas. Coated canvas, while it’s been around for a very long time, is a process that is fairly new to me. To sum up what it is, coated canvas is a canvas (or fabric) that is coated with plastic or other varnish-like material. This process helps to provide additional durability, scratch resistance, and even water proofing. Because I am using this bag to carry expensive electronics, I really appreciate the water resistant properties of the exterior fabric.

Calibre Origin Laptop Backpack Review 4The Calibre Origin Backpack is designed specifically to house the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros, but I would imagine that similar sized computers would also fit within the laptop pouch. I have a 13″ MacBook Pro (late 2014 model). It’s a little slimmer than some previous models of the laptop, but I have not found it to be a tight fit at all. I mentioned that the tablet pouch is fur lined, and so is the laptop pocket. The laptop pocket has a small Velcro closure that helps to hold the laptop in the pouch. There are also several additional organizational pockets in the main compartment as well as empty space for any of your accessories.

One small issue I have with the design is that the tablet pocket doesn’t allow enough space for the tablet to be in a case. For me, my iPad Air 2, which fits nicely into this pocket when its naked, is almost always housed in a keyboard case. It’s not really a design flaw, in my opinion, but it would be nice if there was just a little more clearance to allow for that.

One other really nice feature about this backpack is it’s slim line design. My old backpack typically had so much in it that it would weigh me down. And for someone who suffers from lower back pain, that’s not necessarily a good thing. After carrying this backpack for the past week, I’ve been very happy with the weight distribution and have even found that my back doesn’t seem to be as strained.

Calibre Origin Laptop Backpack Review 5For me, I typically consider my laptop back my ‘go bag’ and include several different types of cables, backup batteries for mobile devices, a backup hard drive, and of course, the power cable for my MacBook Pro. So, space, especially organized space, is something that is really important to me. When I first received the Calibre Origin Backpack, I wasn’t sure that it would meet my needs. For one thing, I was moving from a multi-compartment backpack, to a single compartment. But, it has turned out to be a great move for me. The backpack I had, was meant more for school and this one feels more professional. I’m extremely happy with this bag and am looking forward to using it for many years to come.

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