CalCube adds functionality and productivity to viewing weekly schedules.

CalCube1A few months ago, we posted a review on a unique app called WeatherCube. The app used gestures and animations to navigate through the current and upcoming weather forecasts. The developer of WeatherCube, AppSuperb, also released a similar app that works with your calendar called CalCube.

CalCube is touted as the quickest calendar around and utilizes the integrated calendar on your iOS device to fill in the information. CalCube syncs flawlessly with iCloud, Google Agenda, iCal, etc. Some of the features include:

  • Week overview
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Weather forecast integrated into calendar

CalCube3Like WeatherCube, CalCube uses a gestural interface to navigate through your calendar. Typically, I will use the default Calendar program in iOS, but one thing that is lacking in that app is nice week view. This is a feature that CalCube does welll. In fact, it was this feature alone, that caught my eye. CalCube also has a unique badge feature. You have the option of activating date badge which will show the current day’s date in the badge position on your home screen. This is just another way that CalCube adds to productivity.

When you first start up the app, you are asked to approve a series of permissions including access to your calendars. Any calendars that you have linked to your Calendar program are up for grabs and you can indicate which ones you want to appear on your CalCube. Each individual calendar is highlighted by a color – the same color that’s used in Calendar. For me, I only have one main calendar. So, I approved the proper connections and then moved on to the next set-up step. The inclusion of the weather forecast is optional, but I would recommend it because it takes up such minimal space within your screen real estate and the weather can effect your plans day-to-day.

CalCube2The default screen is the current week. So, when you start up the app, that’s what you see. To view previous or upcoming weeks, simply swipe to the left or the right on your iOS device screen. To create a new event, swipe down or tap on a day on your calendar and to search for events, swipe up on your screen. If you aren’t used to using screen gestures, CalCube will take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very, very functional.

One of the best features of CalCube is the efficiency it adds to your productivity. So many times I get caught up in the functionality of Calendar and all I really want is to glance at my plans a week at a time. CalCube gives you this option. Within a few seconds, I can look at my weekly plans, create a new event and double check the weather forecast without a lot of hassle. Plus, it has a wonderful settings menu that allows you to modify how the app works for you at any time.

CalCube is also available as a Pebble app so you can enjoy the same interface on both your iOS devices and Pebble smart watch. CalCube is actually packaged within the WeatherCube app for Pebble. It includes 26 icons for every weather type, the ability to view your appointments by a flick of your wrist, updating every 15 minutes and 12-hr/24-hr clock support.

If you are looking for a solid, efficient calendar app for week-at-a-glance, I highly recommend CalCube. It’s free in the App Store for a limited time (regular price $1.99). CalCube is currently on version 1.0.3.

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