Caffeine, don’t let your Mac fall asleep.

Caffeine is a wonderful app that I use daily. I’m pretty shocked I have never done a review on it before now. Caffeine lives in the menu bar. The app uses a coffee cup icon that when empty, it’s off and when the cup is full, Caffeine is running.On-Off-Cup When you click on the empty coffee cup, the icon changes to a full cup of coffee and you will be then preventing your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming of the screen or starting the screen saver.

Why do I love Caffeine?  I spend so much time on my Mac that when I get up to get some food I forget that my Mac will go to sleep or start it’s screen saver if I don’t return quick enough. With Caffeine running, I keep myself from worrying about apps quitting when my machine goes to sleep. I stare at my screen while waiting for things to render and I know it doesn’t make the process go any faster, but before caffeine, I would be constantly swiping at my Magic TrackPad to keep the Mac awake. From when I turn the Mac on in the morning till I shut it down at night, I have Caffeine running.

When I’m downloading files I know are going to take awhile, I will tell Caffeine to stay running the amount of time I might need and know the Mac will stay awake doing my tasks until the time I set runs out. Then, my Mac goes into sleep mode. This allows me to step away from the computer and know it will safely get to sleep after the tasks are finished.

Caffeine-MenuIf you need to access the Caffeine’s preferences you can right click on the cup (or ⌘-click) the icon. Once you enter the preferences window you can change the options for Caffeine to Automatically start at login, activate at launch, and to choose whether or not to show the message when caffeine starts. You also have an option to pick the default setting when launching Caffeine. I have mine set to ‘indefinitely,’ but you can choose between several options.


Caffeine-Finder-MenuIf you need to change the time set for Caffeine quickly you can do this by right clicking or (or ⌘-click) on the Coffee cup icon in the menu bar. Inside this menu you will see the drop down box named Activate for. You can then pick the amount of time needed.

Caffeine was created by Lighthead Software they are a Swedish software business. They have been developing different kinds of Mac software for over ten years. Their goal is to provide powerful and innovative apps that are easy to use. They have other cool software you can check out by visiting their website.

Caffeine is currently on
version 1.1.1
License:  Freeware
Size: 0.3 MB