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CAD Audio Sessions MH510GD Headphones Review 3Let’s start with the cons on this one, both of which are particular to me: style and fit. Just not my cup of tea. These headphones are huge and really announce their presence, a quality that contributes to both. They stick out about 3 inches from my head on either side and look funny, which is made more obvious by the fact that the headphones I’m using are white and gold. I’m sure these are nonissues for most non-me people.

To address the positive sides of the previously mentioned cons:

Style: these headphones come in several different color options to fit your personal preferences. To each their own.

CAD Audio Sessions MH510GD Headphones Review 4Fit: Though I was not a fan of the headband part of the headphones, I found the ear cups extremely comfortable. I wore these for several hours without any ear problems. There are two sets of ear pads, so you can switch it up to fit your needs. I feel like the felt ones could almost work as earmuffs, as they completely cover my ears. They are also fairly light.

CAD Audio Sessions MH510GD Headphones Review 5Aside from me being vain, the Sessions are solid headphones. Well-constructed, foldable for convenience, and generally good. When it comes to audio (you know, the important part of headphones), they sound great. There is a good mix of highs, mids, and lows. None really shine, but the listening experience as a whole is clear, articulate, and balanced.

Overall, I’m disappointed that they don’t fit well, as the sound really is remarkable. I would recommend trying them out and hoping they aren’t too big.

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