Braided cable superior to Apple original.

Cacoy Braided Lightning Cable Review 2My iPhone has inserted itself into my everyday life. It’s always no more than an arms reach away at all times. I can drain the battery very quickly just with regular use of the phone. I’m not the type to have bulky battery case, so I am left with the traditional method of plugging it up constantly. Than being said, the one thing that Apple hasn’t managed to knock out of the ballpark is the lightning cable.

Cacoy solves this with a pretty rugged design. Unlike Apple’s Lightning Cable, you can tell that Cacoy’s Apple MFi certified cable is gonna get the job done without any of the problems from the factory cable. Cacoy ditched the plastic and rubber design and went for a tougher material. They used a material that feels just like paracord, so you have piece of mind that it’s not going to crack or stretch. Which lets face it, happens a lot more than we would like. I personally have gone through four separate Lightning cables in just three years. Whether it be from everyday wear and tear or temperature issues, I know that my standard Lightning cable will fail. I tried stretching the Cacoy cable, coiling it, and bending it. The cable just took it with stride. The heavier gauge cable is tough.

Cacoy Braided Lightning Cable Review 3One of the big drawbacks of Apple’s cable is that it just isn’t long enough. I can’t count how many times I plug my phone in and it just seems to barely reach where I want it or not at all. With 2 meters in length, Cacoy made my life with my phone bearable and easier at the same time.

The biggest failure I have seen with other cables is that they separate from the USB and lightning connections from being used or yanked out. No need to worry. Just like the heavier gauge cable, Cacoy beefed up the connections while still keeping the profile very slim.

A lot of knock off cables will only charge your iPhone and not let you sync with them, which is frustrating to no end. No worries. Cacoy’s cable is MFi certified and will charge and sync with out any problems. Now, my only problem is that I have to get one for my car and office as well.

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