Enjoy a tidy bedroom, workstation and travel bag, utilizing the silicone cable management system from Cable Candy.

One of my biggest complaints about modern technology is the need for so many charging cables.  I have seen computer desks, television stands, nightstands and multiport USB chargers with a medusa’s head configuration.  Personally, I cannot stand cable clutter and try to hide cables as much as possible.  My television uses a channel system, painted the same color as my wall, to match the surroundings.  My nightstand houses a Masvoker Stand Charging Station, which has velcro straps and convenient internal cable management.  At CES 2016 and 2017 I was introduced to the Nest and Nest XL cable management systems, a great way to store your earphones and charging cables, when you travel.  When I attended CES 2018, I ran into Cable Candy at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, with a variety of silicone cable management options.

The products are not yet available in the USA but will be available soon.  If you visit the Cable Candy website, you can learn more about the packaged cable management system.  For the low price of $5.99 each, the company will provide individual packages of each of their devices: (6x) beans, (2x double beans and 4x single beans) mixed beans, (10x mini) small beans, (5x) bunny beans, (2x) snake, (3x) small snake, (1x) turtle, (1x) donut, (8x) hook and loop, (8x) cable tag, and (3x) cable ties.  They have a variety of color options to choose from, with dark, light and vibrant colors.  The company does not yet offer a mixed bundle, but I suspect that to be a very popular option eventually.  Whether you want a sticky backed option like the beans, a snake option to shore up your cables or a travel cable donut, each of the devices has an intended use/strength.

My favorite piece of the collection was the coral colored Donut, a device that serves a dual purpose to store your headphones or charging cable.  The device weighs 1 ounce and measures 2.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches thick.  To utilize the donut, open the top/bottom into an hourglass-like shape.  You can place one end of your cable or headphones into the donut and then simply wrap the entire cable around the center.  Once the entire cable is inside of the donut, release the top/bottom of the donut and enjoy a protected portable cable caddy.  As a second use, you can place the middle of your cable/earphones into the donut and wrap both sides around center stalk to shorten your cables.  The coral coloration may seem odd at first, resembling a cervix, but the color is much easier to see in the dark than the blue.  Additionally, the coral color stands out in a dark backpack and when dropped into the grass.  I loved the Allsop Nest Option but feel that the Donut Cable Candy management system does a better job for my USB A to USB lightning cables.

The company provided me with a sample kit of 1 bean, 1 mixed bean, 1 bunny bean, 1 snake, and 1 cable tie to review.  After the donut, I feel that the snake and cable tie have the most utility.  You can wrap up your USB cable or earphones into a long loop and spiral the snake around them to protect them.  This will help prevent earphone tangling and will allow you to place the restrained cables securely into a travel bag. The cable tie will allow you to travel with your charging brick/cable loop protected.  The bunny beans, beans, and mixed beans have sticky tape on their bases, allowing you to affix them to a smooth/firm surface and to guide/run cables as you wish.  To use the beans appropriately, you will need to purchase quite a few of them.  Make sure that you know where you want to place the devices, as the 3M sticky tape is very secure.  It can be removed with traction and then you can rub the 3M tape away.   With all of the options available from Cable Candy, you can keep your room, your nightstand, and your travel bag tidy and organized. I look forward to having more of these to do a formal test. For now, the devices that I tried worked very well.

Learn more about Cable Candy.
Watch for these to release worldwide later this year.


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